Friday, April 8, 2011

We have arrived!

As we neared land, Andy and I both got really quiet. I wondered what he was thinking. He wondered what I was thinking. Turns out we were both thinking the same thing...looks a lot like Mexico. You see, the island looked like a desert. But not to worry, after 2700 miles, we were not to be discouraged. It only took an additional 6 hours to get to the anchorage and see the beautiful, vibrant green we were expecting. To our surprise, there were 9 other boats in the anchorage (and here we thought we were unique). After a few attempts at setting our stern hook, we were set.

We had a nice tuna dinner (did you expect something different?) with our obligatory bottle of champagne (which we fully enjoyed) and enjoyed relaxing in an environment that seemed solid compared to the last 24 days of rolling around. Jake, for some reason, felt the need to put on his pirate costume and immediately, defend the ship. What would we do for entertainment without our swabbie?

Andy and I thought of something that would make everyone laugh and be a really good blog post, but by the time we got in here to write it, it was lost. So, if I write something out of context in the near future and you laugh, you'll know that we remembered what it was.

We are absolutely thrilled to be here. It was cool pulling into the anchorage and having other boats we've been checking in with along the way holler out our name as we passed by. Looking forward to a full night's sleep. As a matter of fact, that's where I'm headed now. Thanks for sticking with us. Pictures to follow as soon as I crack the Marquesan Internet code.

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hotspur said...

SO excited for you and your family!!! What an accomplishment and can't wait to see the photos! I'm holding my breath, so hurry!
love ya'll,
Meri and the Hotspur Crew

Katrina said...

Thanks for keeping us updated with your blog! Amanda and I miss seeing you guys here :( Can't wait for the pictures!!!!

Take Care & Tell Jake the Kids Club says HOLA!!!


Nancy, Ethan & Zada said...

Oh congratulations you three......we will toast your landing and will send you good thoughts on your crossing and setting of the hook. Tomorrow numerous boats come your way....the final exodus will begin and the weather window, finally, looks good for the Banderas Bay departure. Enjoy, have fun, post lots! xoxo EYONI

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