Friday, April 1, 2011

Fishing in the deep

Our fishing luck hasn't been what we're used to. In 14 days we've only caught two tunas. But that's two more than some people so we're happy so far. One theory is that we've been going too fast. I'm not sure the validity of that, but it seems to make sense.

But that's not the excuse now. We've turned south and hit the doldrums. We've been motoring since early this morning and making about 5 knots. The seas have calmed as well so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to do laundry. As I was hanging it on the line, I called for Andy and Jake to come outside. There was a huge sea turtle floating right in front of us. I guess turtles in the water are as slow as they are on land, because he was looking right at us yet couldn't quite get out of the way and we heard a big "whack" on the starboard hull. The poor guy didn't know what hit him. As he was trying to recover he floated right back into one of our fishing lines. We tried to get them out of the way, but we weren't quick enough. He hooked one of our new lures and snapped our line. Somewhere within 120 miles of the equator is a big turtle with a sore jaw and a big headache.

But that's not the only thing that has snapped our line. That's the second lure we lost. Yesterday, it was raining pretty hard so we were inside most of the day. Andy poked his head out to check on everything and he heard a big "zing" and then a "snap." Something had broken our 150 lb test hand line and the bungee it was attached to. We can't imagine what it was but are guessing a big tuna.

So that's the fishing report from out here north of the equator. It looks like we may be crossing the equator tomorrow and enter the Southern Hemisphere! A little more than 900 miles to go before we hit the Marquesas!

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Nancy J. Jones said...

Yipe, the big daddy took your stuff!!! We miss you guys and daily think of you. Still here with bad knee injury and I go to ortho today to see what I now face. If it's not one thing, it's another. I feel so badly, I have TONS of Jake pictures that I figured I'd put on your thumb-drive before you left, and then you got sick and then I spaced somehow I'll have to get them all to you! Let me know what you think and I'll get them too as they are precious! We miss our Jakey and recently Zada said "the only boy that can ever go in my room is Jake" and I told her that that was a good idea! xoxoxo N.E.Z

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