Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Still adjusting??? Summer in Florida

We try to go to the beach every week, reminds us how
lucky we still are.

It’s been awhile since we posted.  Lots of things have happened and lots of stuff still happening…  I’ve changed jobs, Jake has started school, and Andy has started his job search after being a much needed stay at home dad all summer.

Lots of stuff has been wonderful…we see my family relatively often.  I have an iPhone and can text my best friend whenever I want.  I can even push that stupid handset button and hear her voice every once in a while!  I can order a pizza with nothing but an emoji, and believe it or not, I know what an emoji is! 

Blowing out his candles on the specially requested (and
very delicious, strawberry cake made my mother.
Jake just celebrated his 10th birthday.  I cannot believe he is 10 years old.  We left San Diego when he was 4 ½  and now I have a double digit kid.  Wow.  I don’t know how much of it is because of us, his experience traveling with us, genetics, or just plain luck, but Andy and I have the best kid ever.  As many changes as we’ve gone through in the last six months, that little guy just rolls with the punches.   We try to take his lead even when not all in the 1st world is what we had hoped for…

Savannah hasn’t sold yet, so there’s that.  We now have bills and lots of “stuff.”  Anyone who’s been to our house will laugh at that as we have one room that is completely empty and with the exception of Jake’s bedroom, all the bedrooms are just that, rooms with beds in them.  Our clothes are in those big tupperware like containers on the floor.  So when I say “lots of stuff,”  that’s by cruiser standards… But repurchasing your entire house…just think that through…

 The psychological part has been harder than I thought.  I feel lost sometimes.  I sit at my desk and think, really?  My days are filled with powerpoints, project plans and conference calls.  Really?  I still get overwhelmed at the store…particularly with fashion.  I don’t know if the fashion trends these days are just really bad or if I was off the grid so long, I just can’t get back in.  I used to like shopping for clothes…now I just get overwhelmed.  I work from home now so I don’t feel quite as lost as I wear my “boat” clothes all day and don’t have to fix my hair or wear makeup.  In that way, my tension is released…I don’t have to figure out what to wear or if I look “cute” today.  Andy doesn’t care and truth be told, is still hanging on to a few of those short/t-shirt combos that probably should have stayed in Malaysia! 

Jake has taken up father, like son

I find myself trying not to judge people on their choices, which is very hard.  The things people complain about blow my mind, but at the same time, I find myself falling into old habit as well, always in a rush and trying to do everything myself (The bagel place down the street from us is THE slowest business in the US, and why can’t I just leave the towels folded the way Andy does them?  Nevermind they don’t look pretty in the cabinet and its different with every load.).  Andy’s missing the diving, the boat driving, all the critters and truth be told, all that whining about boats breaking down and pressure with being totally responsible for us… he misses all that and more.   He likes being Captain. Some days I think if we could figure it out, we would be back on the boat quicker than American Airlines could get us there….

I'm not sure how long I'll keep updating the but do know I'm not ready to stop just yet.  If you're still reading, I'll still write...