About the Boat


The Story
Savannah is an Owen Easton Catamaran that we found in Seattle in January of 2009.  After an impromptu visit, Andy and I offered up all of our savings and promised to give her a good home.  Her previous owner sailed her around the world a couple of times and was looking for a change of pace.  He took us up on the offer and began his own new adventures in Hawaii.

We left Savannah in Seattle until July when Andy and 3 other guys we hired brought her down to San Diego where we lived.  After a major cosmetic makeover, we moved onboard permanently in October.  Much debate led us to the decision to move up our departure date to early spring of 2010.  Andy retired in March and Savannah set sail once more, only this time with her new owners.

The Facts

  • She was built in Australia in 1992 and is made out of aluminum.  
  • She's 40 feet long and 24 feet wide.  
  • Her mast is 63 feet tall.  
  • She has two 37 horsepower Kubota diesel engines and is capable of carrying 180 gallons of fuel.
  • We have a Spectra Watermaker that makes 8 gallons of water per hour as well as a rain catch system for catching rain water.  The water is stored in 2 tanks, totaling 160 gallons.
  • Eight solar panels provide enough energy to keep all systems going on board.

Savannah is totally self contained enabling us to go wherever our heart's desire (as long as we can do it in our flip flops and shorts!).