Cruising Notes

These documents were created to help fellow cruisers coming our way.  I got tired of clogging up everyone's email, so I decided to post them here for all to access.  These documents are as of a certain date and time and will most likely not be updated.  They are based on our experiences and our opinion (as is the rest of the blog) and may or may not be complete (or agree with your experiences and opinions).  They're here for the use of other cruisers and are meant to be helpful.   Comments are welcome (something else you would like to know about?), however I probably still won't update the docs :).

This site requires you to log in with your Facebook account in order to download the documents.  If you don't want to do that, you can still view everything and cut and paste to a word document.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Brunei - Borneo (June, 2014)

Federated States of Micronesia
Kosrae (2012)
Pohnpei (2012)
Chuuk - Outer Atolls (2012)
Yap - Outer Atolls (2012)
Yap (2013)

Tarawa (2011)

Sabah - Borneo (May, 2014)
Labuan - Borneo (June, 2014)
Sarawak - Borneo (July - Oct, 2014)
Tioman Island - Peninsula Malaysia (Oct, 2014)

Marshall Islands
Bikini Atoll (2012)
Kwajalein Atoll (2011-2012)
Majuro (2011 - 2012)
Rongelap Atoll  (2012)

Palau (2013)

We relied heavily on our Lonely Planet guides, so you'll see a lot of references to that in these notes.  They proved to be very helpful (the regular one as well as the dive guide).
Arrival from Palau (Feb, 2014)
North to Puerto Galera (Feb, 2014)
Puerto Galera (March, 2014)
Calamian and Palawan Islands (April, 2014)

Tuvalu (2012)


Anonymous said...

We're on our way to Palau on Thur. Are you guys there yet? Randy and Candy Pohnpei

capribyvespa said...

Hello...It's Gary & Deb Phillips, just checking in on your AMAZING adventure! We met you in Mexico a couple years ago @ Punta Chivato. We had Gary's Cessna & were with my son & his girlfriend. Still so envious of you...I'm a fourth grade teacher, and what you've given your son, and YOURSELVES, is an incredible education, for sure! Wish I was younger, although, you do inspire us!!! Never too late, I guess. Hope you write a book!!!
Gary & Deb Phillips Oceanside, CA
Brett & Caitlin (Brett now works for Adidas in Portland & Catilin was just accepted into Nursing School there!)

The Crew of Savannah said...

HI there! Yes, we totally remember you! We were envious of you guys as well! I'm glad you're still reading the blog and keeping in touch. It's so neat to hear from folks we met so long ago. Congratulations to your son and his girlfriend! What great accomplishments. I'm always thankful for comments from makes me think we're not crazy after all. Take care.


Peggy Buckingham said...

Good Morning! I was given your blog site by a mutual friend and fellow Chief! My husband Scott and I are both Chiefs and plan to do exactly what you and your family are doing. Our kids will be out of the house so it will be just the two of us! We are in the planning stages now. Scott is a QM so we have the Nav part covered. We are currently looking at catamarans and would love to pick your brain on that and other topics if you have time and would not mind. Have a wonderful time and we look forward to chatting and even meeting you some day!
Peggy Buckingham

The Crew of Savannah said...

Hi Peggy. I would love to talk to you and help in any way I can. I"m actually in VA right now so I could talk on the phone (rare for us!). Are you on Facebook? If so, friend me there and then I can get your contact info to call/write you. I'm looking forward to seeing who our mutual friend is!

Jackie Parry said...

Can we be added to your other cruisers blog list - we still write about sailing (2 books out now) - our website is thanks! :-) (We are 'between' sailboat!)

Ovni28 said...

not sure if you are still reading your posts, but if you do, please contact me, I'd like to talk to you about Savannah

Mike Kolankowski said...

Hi very interesting posts. I have just retired and my wife is soon to follow, we are selling our power boat and looking at cruising cats. Wondering how you found the aluminum hulls for insulation, sound etc?

The Crew of Savannah said...

Hi MIke. Honestly? It can be loud (over 8 knots you can bet on it). It's kind of like living by the railroad tracks or the get used to it. But we never felt safer. If we were to go again, we would definitely by aluminum, it's strong, reliable and easy to repair on the rare case you need to. While everyone else is enjoying their peace and spitting parts, we're talking loud and sailing on :). It's a give and take... we were never in weather cold enough to notice what affect that had on anything...

Good luck with your new adventure!

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