Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

I found this picture from our honeymoon...not quite as many
wrinkles and a few pounds lighter, but I think we're doing ok!
 Ten years ago today, Andy and I stood on the bow of a 85 foot, 3 masted schooner in Norfolk, VA and promised to love each other for better or worse.  I was going to write something about how it's been all the betterand how I can't imagine ever living a different life and how I have the best man in the world and no one should be so lucky (and all of that is true).  But that would make you sick.  So, I have something more interesting today. 

We woke up about 5:00 this morning to the sound of what we thought was all of our chain being let out and dropped over the side.  We both jumped up and headed outside for the naked olympics.  Andy gave the orders, I followed.  I turned off the breaker to our windlass (which we should have been doing all along) and got a flashlight.  As we looked at the chain we were confused.  The chain wasn't gone, the windlass had pulled it back in until the bridle jammed in the bow roller.  Very strange, but very good.  That means we still had our chain and we weren't drifting off somewhere (and Andy didn't have to go diving in these shark infested waters to search for it).  All we can think of is that we left the remote cable out in the rain (another thing we shouldn't have done) and it shorted out.  We let the chain back out using the switch at the helm and all was good.  When we pull anchor this morning to head out, we'll try it with the remote and see what happens.  We consider this our anniversary gift...God reminding us to quit being lazy with our anchor equipment before something really bad happens.

So, off we head to Daniel's Bay where they filmed the first(?) Survivor Episode.  Andy thinks this is fitting for our anniversary, but I want to know who the survivor is? 

I found our wedding cd on board and thought it would be funny to post a few old pictures but when I went to open it, it was empty.  I hope that doesn't mean we lost all of our pictures...oh well, not to be worried about today!  Happy Anniversary Andy!  Here's to 10 more!


The Homesteader's Wife said...

Happy Anniversay guys! Hope you have many more happy years together.

Just a Minute said...

Happy Anniversary from the Just A Minute crew. We love reading your blog adventures and look forward to many more in the years to come.

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