Sunday, April 24, 2011

Market Day, Rain Day and post more pictures day!

Yesterday we heard about a market here on Saturdays that has all the veggies and fruits you need.  The hitch is that it starts at 4:30 in the morning and ends at 8:00 a.m..  So, I decided to do the deed and get up this morning (in the rain) and dinghy (in the dark) to the market.  It wasn't huge but it did have fresh veggies that we hadn't seen since Hiva Oa - cabbage, eggplant, lettuce, tomato, chives and green beans.  They also had fresh donuts so of course I bought some of those! 

After I got back to the boat and put away the stuff, I jumped back in bed.  Andy and I woke up about an hour later only to look out our window and see a boat about 50 ft away.  Now I wouldn't normally post this part as I don't really believe in making fun of others or fussing about them for dragging anchors since it could easily happen to anyone and you know the saying about those in glass houses, right?.  But this case is a little out of the ordinary so at the risk of breaking my own windows I'm going to do it anyway. 

Andy got on the radio and called the guy a few times with no answer.  Then he went in the cockpit and noticed him out there in his own cockpit.  We thought the guy had just come in this morning seeing as his boat wasn't there when I came back from the market.  So Andy told him how much chain we had out (about 6:1 scope).  The guy proceded to tell Andy that we had too much scope out and we would be sorry when we wrapped around coral heads.  Well, the winds are honking here and there's a pretty good swell so we're pretty confident in the amount of chain we had out.  To make a long story short...the other boat was dragging (with his 3:1 scope)...he had been here since Wednesday.  The amazing part to us is that he was TOTALLY unaware of it.  He continued to argue for a few minutes about how we didn't need all that chain out.  Andy finally told him we would move since he was here first and he said no, he was already wet, and went ahead and moved.  I am still a bit unnerved by the fact that HE HAD NO IDEA that he had moved.  If your house suddenly ended up between two totally different houses and you could serve coffee to your neighbors from your window, would you notice?  To all those who are wondering how we know it wasn't us that moved - we did check the GPS before talking to him.  Andy was really tempted to tell him to put out more chain.

So, all is good now and we're sitting in our jammies eating donuts watching Star Wars (yes, he's still obsessed).  It looks like it will be a movie day as it hasn't stopped raining since about 2:00 in the morning.  Good for our watertanks, bad for exploring.  It also means that I have plenty of time to post pictures, so here they go....  Enjoy your weekend!

These are pictures from the island of Tahuata - specifically, the village of Hapatoni (where Jake lost his plane).
There's a little church in every village.  Very different from the
 extravagant cathedrals in Mexico.

One of the many ways we keep Jake in line :)
The local power plant.

Local man creating one of the intricate carvings they're known for.

It's taken me two hours to do this much (I know I said I had plenty of time, but really) so I'm going to go ahead and post before something funky happens and I lose it all and throw the computer out the window...  Stay tuned for more...

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