Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 17

We woke up this morning well rested and 10 miles further than we were last night. We turned off the motor and drifted, finally getting a full night's sleep. Before breakfast, Andy put the spinnaker up and we began trotting along at a whopping 3 knots. It's almost 5:00 and we have gone a total of 21 miles today. Woo Hoo! Marquesas here we come!

To kill the time, we have played trains, watched movies, completed a day of school, taken naps and Jake and I even made fresh squeezed orange juice with the 10 or 12 oranges left over threatening to mold. I started a new book. I was trying to read Anna Karina. It's a pretty good book, but is extremely long and not exactly edge of the seat reading. So today, I put it down and started a much lighter read that I picked up from one of the many book exchanges in La Cruz. As I was reading in the front net, I heard Andy say "Holy Cow!" and then he jumped up and ran off.

"What was it?" I ask.

"A tuna the size of a small car." he responds as he quickly lets out our fishing lines.

What exactly would we do with a tuna the size of a small car? I don't know, but Andy obviously really wants to find out. So out the fishing lines go. You can guess that we didn't catch the giant tuna, but maybe we'll catch his son and have a nice dinner tonight.

In the meantime, I'm going to either go back to my book or play with Jake and his trains. If you've followed our blog long, you probably know by now that no play is peaceful on this boat. It's a war zone on the Island of Sodor. As a matter of fact, it's floated dangerously close to Somalia and is under severe attack by the enemy aircraft. Half of the city has already been bombed to oblivion. But don't worry, the ammunition of choice today is berries, apples, oranges and sludge. The island must be saved, and quick. Almost as quick as Jake needs to find land.

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