Sunday, April 24, 2011

Catching up on more pics...

I'm going to give this another go...maybe there aren't so many people on the interent now and things will move along a little quicker.

These pictures are from the small village of Hanamenu Bay where we traded our fish for fresh fruit.

Jake, acting silly with the local kids after they shared their pamplemousse with him.

Jake, getting a nice COLD fresh drink of water.

I only put this on here because mom keeps complaining there are no pictures
of me.  Now do you see why?  There are only 2 photogenic people in
this family...

This is only half of the bananas that they gave us.
Here are the pictures from our last stop on Ua Pou, from our hike to the waterfall and dinner with our Belgium friends.

Local guys paddling around the bay....they were super fast and as good
as any crew team I've ever seen.

Another small church.  The picture I took of the catholic church didn't turn out.
It was raining and had spots all over this is what you get.

That's Chef Peter beside Andy and Stephen and Karen from The White Wizzard.
We're heading over to another boat tonight for cocktails and then will probably take it easy tomorrow.  Monday, we'll head into town and buy some groceries and diesel before going  to Daniel's Bay (the place where Survivor series will filmed years ago) on Tuesday.  After that, bye to the Marquesas and off to the Tuamotos!

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