Thursday, April 28, 2011

The good things...

My last post was kind of down, so I thought I would share some of the things we have really enjoyed.

Pamplemousse - ok, so I've mentioned these already...they're giant grapefruit but are a hundred times sweeter. We cut them open in the traditional style and eat them with a spoon, but our favorite way to eat them has been to juice them. Jake loves it and Andy and I have found it makes a fantastic mohito if you substitute the juice for the normal lime juice.
Bananas - nothing new, right? Wrong...these are the sweetest bananas I've ever eaten. Unfortunately, they all ripe at the same time so you end up getting all banana'd out. Here are a few things we decided to do with them... bananas foster - you all know what this is, fantastic! banana pancakes - ymmmm. banana brown betty - my first banana pie. Jake and I loved this. Andy is waiting to see what it tastes like cold as he wasn't too keen on a warm banana pie.
Breadfruit - mixed reviews here. what was good, was very good. What was bad, was very bad. Before it gets ripe, you can slice it up and make french fries or chips, just like with potatoes. You can steam it too. These are delicious. We found one of ours a little too ripe so I decided to try to make a recipe I had seen for a mashed potatoe type dish. YOu roast the breadfruit and then scoop out the insides and prepare it like mashed potatoes. This was not a hit. I think it had more to do with texture than taste. It has a real slimey texture and it's almost too sweet.
Mangoes - nothing new done with these, they're just the best mangoes I've ever had.
Fresh baguettes every day - these are about the only thing here that's cheap.  We've taken to eating a lot of bread and cheese lately.  Plus, when it's just about to go bad, it makes great french toast and bread pudding!

You can find just about anything you want here, just for a price. One thing I do find strange is that the chicken comes from the states. Weird, huh? There are chickens running around everywhere here. I can't imagine why they have to import them.

We said we wanted green.  We got it!  The scenery is absolutely beautiful here as you can tell from the pictures.  Our waterfall excursion was one of my favorites.

We've seen fish that we've never seen before.  I can only imagine how this will continue.  We've also seen dolphins and giant mantas and tons of turtles.  On land we've seen goats, pigs, horses and a few birds we've never seen before.

I'm digging the laid back style of most of the cruisers here.  I guess they figure if you made it here, you don't need a lot of advice.  Plus, they come from all different places so there's a wide variety of conversation and personalities.  We've only had that one run in with the anchoring situation and that was nothing.

Well, with any luck, we're on our way soon which means no more internet for a while...back to posts without pictures.  Stay with us...this passage is only a week long and I think our first stop has some sort of connection.

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Anonymous said...

I love all the different things that you've made with bananas.... you'll be constipated for weeks. I'm totally jealous of all the beautiful pictures and places you are seeing.... ps... I'm still in Norfolk, doing the same thing every day. Don't worry, I'll still be here in another two years! I am much more up to date on all the Real Housewives series than you. So when your time sailing is up... and you've seen the entire world and done awesome things... I can sleep at night knowing I haven't missed an episode of those house-terds! Hahahah :) love and hugs, Hunter

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