Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hapatoni Bay, Tahuata - Marquesas

We've spent a few more days in this beautiful bay with beach potlucks and bonfires, manta rays and dolphins. We met quite a few boats from all over. The mood here is very different than that of Mexico. Everyone is just happy to be here. No grumpy people talking about anchors or reminding us that catamarans flip over while monohulls are designed to right themselves (maybe it's because this place is full of catamarans?), or assuming we're idiots because we're under 60 (not that all of Mexico was like this, but we sure got our share). No, everyone is friendly, funny and we've even gotten a delicious octopus recipe from our new Danish friends.

Today we decided to pick up anchor and move a little further south to a little village in Hapatoni Bay. We got here about noon and decided to go ahead and go to shore as it's Saturday. If we wait until tomorrow, it will be Sunday and nothing really happens around here on Sunday. It's a beautiful walk through the village with all kinds of flora and fruit trees. There are wood carvers here as well and they are pretty amazing. Most of their work ends up going to Tahiti to sell, but occasionally they sell it here as well. Today, there was only jewelry being sold. We heard there was a big feast going on, but we were a little late to partake. They were cleaning up the food as we came in. It only took about an hour to see the whole place (and that was because we had to back track looking for a toy airplane that Jake lost, never found, a tragedy for sure) but it was a really nice walk. This island is exactly what we had pictured in our head...coconut trees, a little rain, beautiful flowers, locals hanging out on their porches. Beautiful.

The only downside so far is our total lack of even remotely grasping the language, both French and Marquesan... I can see where this might get a bit tough if we have any notions of getting to know anyone. We'll keep trying though and who knows, maybe we'll catch up with one of those nice French boats who speak English...for a few bananas, maybe they'll translate!

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Patrick, Tammy & Jack said...

Hey Guys,

Glad all is well - I was laughing out loud about the reminder of how cats flip and monohulls right themselves...that conversation certainly does get old!

Enjoy the adventure, and tell little Jake hi from Jack! ( the best trampoline in the whoooole marina!) Monohulls just cant compete with that!

Take care...Tammy and the crew.

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