Saturday, April 2, 2011

Two new Shellbacks aboard Savannah!

Today is April Fool's day. It's also the one year anniversary of Andy's retirement from the U.S. Navy. It's also the day Jake and I became Shellbacks! We have crossed the equator. As a matter of fact, we did donuts at the equator and we're still at the equator. We have turned off the engines and are just floating.

Our equator crossing ritual consisted of Jake and I wearing our newly acquired Shaving Cream Neptune Crowns and jumping in the 88 degree water (declared "cold" by Jake) and swimming across the equator. Once getting out of the water, we indulged in homemade chocolate chip cookies and a nice chilled bottle of champagne!

What an experience. Who does this? Well, I guess we do. We told someone "God takes care of children and fools" and well, we have both on board so we're feeling pretty good. We feel like we've been blessed beyond what we deserve.

Tonight we're going to enjoy a great dinner of barbque ribs, potatoes, cabbage and nice bottle of wine. We're going to stay lying a hull and get a good night's sleep before trying to get out of these doldrums tomorrow.


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Tina said...

So cool. Jake will never forget this. You are a fun mom!

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