Saturday, March 12, 2011


We woke up this morning to the same news much of you did…Japan had been hit by a major earthquake and then a tsunami that was heading toward Hawaii and ultimately us, here in Mexico.

After a little debate, we decided to be safer than sorry (after all, we’re not exactly insured) and head out to the anchorage.  In our opinion, it was much better to be out of the marina so we don’t have to worry about big swells pushing into the docks.  Once out in the anchorage, we heard news that they actually expected a good 3-6 feet and maybe a 6 knot current.  So ultimately, we decided to head out to open water, as did a number of other boats.  I counted at least 75 boats and I’m sure I missed a few (unofficial report was 155).

But it was a beautiful day for sailing.  We had a few minutes to run in the marina with the dinghy and get some beer and ice.  We just went to Costco yesterday so we were stocked with food.  We had a little bar-b-que, drank a few beers and enjoyed our day.

The marina saw over 6 feet of surge and the channel to the marina got pretty good currents which kept all boats out the rest of the day.  So we fired up the grill and had a nice dinner with Ethan off of Eyoni while we waited it all out.  There were well over 100 boats here in the anchorage as all of the ports were closed in Banderas Bay and no one could get in or out.  We’ll spend the night out here and hope for reentry in the a.m.

Dock 11 sits right at the mouth of the channel.  It's now missing 2 of the finger piers.

Having sat through a few hurricane warnings on the east coast, I think I prefer the Tsunami.  At least we felt like there was something we could do…leave.  The safest place for a boat… 

Kind of exciting for our last few days here.  It did push our trip out a day or so as we didn’t get to continue on our marathon provisioning session and will have to keep our rental car another day.
I know I’m being rather blasĂ© about the whole thing but those who were in real danger and had to endure the real experience, our heats and prayers are out to you and your families.

For an account on how it was in the marina, check out Diane's blog on


Anonymous said...

Praying for you all on your journey! Be safe! Love to all! Tammy (Denmon) Biles --Mom says she loves you all and is praying for safe waters!--Aunt Jean

Jacob said...

Glad to hear that you are safe.

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