Thursday, March 10, 2011


One thing I’ve totally miscalculated this past couple of months is how many friends I’ve actually made (ok, "we've" made...but really, who's writing this blog?).  I normally complain about how I don’t bond with anyone and I miss my friends and yes, I love the cruising life but if there’s one thing I REALLY miss (aside from family)….it’s my friends.

Aren't they cute?  Who says he won't get any socialization?
Well, the last few weeks have made me eat cake (although I still miss you all VERY MUCH).  I have met some fabulous people and now that we’re coming down to our last few days, I’m getting kind of sad.  OK, I’m getting really sad.  Jake has not only been reunited with old friends, but he’s made plenty new ones.  There’s a whole Kid’s Club here that he gets to do 3 days a week and in reality, they informally get together the other days.  Not a day goes by when he’s not running up and down the dock with some other little person.

My running partner and great friend, Tami (and me)
Today, I went to the “Cooking with Amanda” classes here at the marina, which is really how my friend Tami and I manage to get away from the kids and disrupt class while we get to drink free beer AND take home a bunch of good recipes (I cooked the Chicken Tinga last week for Andy and he loved it).  Tami’s husband works in the States for two weeks and then he comes back here for two weeks, so she’s single today.  Andy was sick, so I was single too.  I had a fabulous girls day just doing girl stuff.  Heck, I’m typing this while watching borrowed Sex in the City DVDs from Tami (although I do have to sleep on the sofa tonight…germ free…who’s getting the good deal here?).

Tonight, I was finally able to check my email and my good friend Nancy had sent me some wonderful pictures of our two kids (check out the blog on the right of my page “Eyoni”).  I love Nancy.  We have spent many a hot days in the sea just doing the girl thing…watching kids, talking… Nancy’s the one that taught me about bones (remember that post?).  I will REALLY miss Nancy.

Diane and Evan on Ceildyh
Due to a few different circumstances, we’ve had to blow off our good friends on Ceildyh the last few nights while we were supposed to be doing some South Pacific planning.  Diane and I are two unlikely friends but I really enjoy her company and she’s about the only friend I have here that is also crossing the Pacific, albeit 10 days after us (really?  Can’t you move that up?).

Then there’s Andrea, Kat, Amanda, Ann, my new friend Vicki, Lisa, Dan, Tammy….  I feel bad if I leave anyone out…but seriously, I feel like I live here now and I’m moving out (Hunter, remember how that went?).

But even still, I think we’re all ready to leave.  Jake informed me he was tired of Mexico because it was a really long walk from our dock to the Palapa and can we please go ahead and go to the South Pacific so he will have days and days to play and play?  Andy is doing the piddly things around the boat, and I start my provisioning marathon tomorrow.  We're totally going to miss this place and the people (even the chicken guy is starting to know who I am).  But the boat has the itch and we’re all excited.  Five more days….

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Tami said...

Monica, Andy and Jake,
Andiamo is going to miss you too. The only thing that puts me at ease is my excitement for your journey. We will meet up again. Great friends don't come along everyday. So we will do our best to reunite someday.
Tami, Gene, Christian and Abigayle

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