Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 2 - Smooth Sailing

Since I apparently still don't have our position reports working, for anyone interested, our current position is 17 degrees 44 minutes N, 109 degrees 09 minutes W. So far, so good. Winds have been great and we've been averaging 7 knots or so, seeing 8 to 8 1/2 at times. Morale is good, although Jake has already asked if we're almost there. I guess he has no concept of 20 days yet.

I tried to watch a movie on my night watch tonight but it was a bit distracting having to get up every 5-10 minutes for that silly "watch" thing. Then, just when it was getting to the good part (We are Marshall - anyone seen it?), my battery on my laptop went dead.

I need to thank my friend Tami on Andiamo III again for my entertainment so far. She gave me the movie and she also gave me this really good book I'm reading, The Motion of the Ocean. The first page and a half had me in stitches because it is EXACTLY indicative of Andy and I. I even had to read it out loud to him...and he laughed. It's about a couple who decided to go sailing for the two years on a honeymoon of sorts. So far, I would highly recommend it. It's pretty much a chick book, but some of the more "sensitive" men out there might enjoy it, too.

Jake's picked school back up well, although it is very hard to do any kind of handwriting exercises on a rocking boat. Everything looks a little snakey. It's a strange motion out here. I haven't done a lot of sailing on monohulls so I might sound stupid to most, but on a catamaran, we're doing a figure eight sort of thing. The waves are coming at us from the side so we're not just rocking back and forth, we're also rocking side to side. Luckily, all of our bellies are still doing good but it does cause for a lot more breaks during the home schooling hours.

Someone requested that we put more info out here on our diesel tank leak. As soon as I can get Andy to help me write it in the technical terms I'm sure you guys are expecting, I'll post that up.

Back to the task at hand...lunch!

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Papa Mac said...

Thanks for the fix (location wise) this day and time what people might think.I know that the earth google thing might be a few weeks old, I don't expect to see you, but I think I can kind of plot your location as you up date us. Be fun to try until you get your new blog up and running. Keep up the good stuff. Love you guys Mac

Tina said...

I'm still here checking daily to see if you have updated! How exciting to be on your way. Tina

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