Monday, March 7, 2011


Well, I had hoped to have the time to write a few posts about our last couple of days but time seems to be flying by.  We're about 12 days out now from our departure and I'm taking the lazy way out and just posting pictures (I know that's all most of you want anyway).

Jake's friend, Zada turned 6 last week so here are some pictures from her birthday.  Her parents ordered her a jumpy tent and invited all of the kids (boat and local) to join.  Jake had an absolute blast and Nancy, Ethan and Zada were perfect hosts, as usual.  Again, my pictures are kind of crappy...Nancy has some good ones I can hopefully add later.

Lola and Yude were able to join in the party as well.

Nancy, Zada's mom.  I made her pose for this :)
I don't think I have any other pictures of Nancy in the past 8 months I've known her.

Zada and Jake munching on cupcakes.  I think Jake had
three that day.

Yesterday, Jake and I went with some other families to a local town called Sayulita (no idea how to spell that).  We had a great time exploring the town and continuing to make our way through the bus system.

Jack, Jake, Abby, Christian enjoying their ice cream after a long day
at the beach.
Local town square

The mom's.  Me, Tammy (from SANTOSHA), Tami (from ANDIAMO)


More shopping.

Local art gallery (My intent is to go more into this at some point in the
future.  I'm fascinated by the Huichol Indians and their art)

Our new friends!  We found them at the beach as well!

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