Sunday, March 27, 2011

Groundhog Day

Did you ever see that movie, Groundhog Day? It's kind of like that out here. We're making good time but the scenery doesn't change, the routines aren't changing much and conversation is getting short. We're all still in good spirits and no one is arguing or even getting snippy (this still amazes me). But fatigue is starting to set in. Our naps are getting longer and I'm much less creative with Jake than I was a few days ago.

The good news is that we should be crossing the half way point in the next day or so...1350 miles! It's really hard to believe that after all that planning and all those years of us talking about it, we're finally crossing this big 'ole ocean. I'm not even really sure what to expect when we get there. We're just now getting around to reading all of our guide books for the area. We've been so focused on getting there, we never talked about what we would actually do!

At night the sky is super dark before the moon comes out and you can see stars for miles but not really see any waves or know what's behind/in front of you. When the moon comes out, you can see the waves and it surprises me every night how big they are and that this little boat can move this fast with only the elements at work. It really is incredible.

Our food/veggies are still going strong. I might have gotten a bit too many peppers as we've had to throw some over board as well as the lettuce but everything else is still keeping pretty good. I'm pretty sure no one has lost any weight on this trip.

Time for me to take over watch as Andy's going to take a nap...thanks for hanging in there with us.

Oh yeah, some folks can see our positions when clicking on the link in the blog and some cannot. If you cannot and want to, try going to the YOTREPS site (you'll have to google it) and look us up by WDF4139 (not Savannah). That seems to work.

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Tina said...

I'm still here! Sounds very peaceful to me! I love reading what's going on. I'm glad Jake is ok after his fall out of his bed. Sounds like he is fighting pirates in his dreams. I know you won't read these until later but I wanted you to know I'm checking this daily while you make this cross against the pacific anxiously awaiting your next report. I look forward to hearing what is going on. I can't imagine how it would be if my 3 were on a boat together for 21 days. It would be interesting. Are you taking lots of photos?
Much love,

Tina said...

My iPhone has a mind of it's on, don't know why it says against the pacific. Auto correct is auto creative.
PS. I searched and found your tracking on the website. I had to look on the list of boats that had made reports in the last 2 weeks and you are there!

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