Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 6

We have our first injury aboard. Little Jakey fell out of his rack while sleeping last night and hit his nose pretty hard (enough to bleed). It was a little scary but he's ok now. He's got a little carpet burn on the tip of his nose and a few cuts on his face but I told him it made him look tough and he's all good now. I really wish I could post a picture here breaks my heart to see his little face all bloodied up! I can now officially quit feeling guilty though when he asks me to sleep with him and I say no. His bed is the same size as ours. How that little kid can move around so much in one night to actually fall off the END of the rack (the other three sides are surrounded by hull), I don't know. I can only imagine some very lively dreams going on there.

Everything else is scooting right along. We had extremely calm winds yesterday and even with the spinnaker, we only made 90 miles. We had been averaging about 140 so that was a little disappointing. We seem to be doing a bit better this morning and we're back up to 7 knots. The other boats reporting in around us seem to have similar weather.

It looks like I have the position reports working so if you want to click on the link at the top right of the page, you should be able to follow exactly where we are. I can't see it, but I think it's very similar to the map that I keep on the right with Google, only it's tracking us across the ocean according to what I send.

Me, always enjoying a nice routine, have managed to get us into a rhythm here (at least I think I have). I start my morning watch at 5:00 every morning and then get weather at 7:00. Jake usually gets up around then and we make breakfast and start school. Then I go for a nap around 10:00 and wake up in time to make lunch. After lunch, I either bake, do a project with Jake, laundry or read a book. Somewhere in between all that you can add dishes but I hate dishes so I put them off as long as possible. Then it's dinner and sometimes a movie...put Jake to bed, take another nap, wake up for my 9:00 watch. Andy does his own thing (meaning he's not the routine kind) and makes water, messes with sails, plays with Jake, etc. and stays pretty busy as well. So far, no one is bored. I feel busier than I did at the dock!

The battery is dying here and my little man is begging for someone to "play with me" so we're signing off for now. Thanks again for the support. Until tommorrow...

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Del Viento said...

Amazing times we live in that you can blog about your passage while underway. Very exciting. I'm glad it is going well for you guys, save Jake's nose. Michael of s/v Del Viento

Del Viento said...

FYI: position links still do not seem to be least I cannot see them, others?

Diane, Evan and Maia said...

If you add "savannah" to the end of link you will get 1 position report - but no others

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