Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 7

A lot of folks were curious about how Jake would handle this passage, being he's only five so I thought I would give my first week impression.

Being on a boat 24/7 with your five year old in the middle of the Pacific Ocean brings on a whole new meaning to "stay at home mom/dad." I wasn't too worried about Jake on this trip because, truth be known, he's a home body and I usually have to force him to leave the boat when we're on land. And up until the last three months, he hasn't really had anyone to play with so he's been pretty good at keeping himself entertained. He's doing great, but I think having kids around the last few months has him hankering for a playmate. If I hear "will you play with me?" once a day, I hear it a thousand times. The problem is, mommy isn't too keen on blowing things up, watching Star Wars for the 500th time, or killing the bad guys with our super corrosive flame throwing missles. So most of the "playing" has fallen to daddy.

I, however, have been queen of activities (none so fun as blowing things up though, I can assure you). We've kept quite busy... we've read books, played with sea animals, done science experiments like separating pepper from salt and building gliders to learn about lift, thrust, drag and gravity. We've colored, baked, put together puzzles. We've started a fish log (although we only have one entry so far) and we've started a rather ambitious project of creating a pinata with papier mache.

We're only a fourth of the way through this trip so the jury is still out, but I think the moral of the scallywag is pretty good. As I write, he's in the cockpit with his imaginary light sabor killing every single bad guy within a 100 miles of this boat. Pirates beware.

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Michael Porter said...

Hi again,

Sounds like you're having way too much fun!

How about putting up lat/long cordinates, especially until the plotting is showing up?

Stay safe!


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