Thursday, March 17, 2011

One MORE day delay...

He looks remarkably happy for fixing a leak
Through a series of unfortunate events, we are now delayed one more day.  We came home from our last day of shopping Monday and I started to feel bad.  What looked to be an upset stomach turned out to be a 24 hour bug that about killed me (at least I was hoping it would).  I don't think I've ever been that sick.  Well, while I was laid out, Andy was trying to find a place to store the rest of our rum and he started looking around the diesel tank under Jake's bed.  Instead of storage, he found a leak.

Eyoni rafted up next to Savannah
So he spent the better part of yesterday afternoon fixing that leak.  Thanks to Eyoni for delaying their departure to Yelapa...without Ethan's help, I think Andy would have gone nuts.  Eyoni pulled up next to us and helped us unload 60 gallons of fuel into their tank and a few jerry jugs so that Andy could get to the problem.  Then Ethan hung around to help with the actual fix.

We woke up this morning with a few things on our list to do... fill water tanks, wash boat, check out from Marina and La Cruz, then head over to Nuevo Vallarta to check out of Mexico (I'll try to post the actual procedures after we complete them for those of you leaving later or going next year).  One more problem.  No water.  This has been an ongoing problem this past week for the marina but we though for sure after it happening 2 days in a row they would have it figured out by now.

But all is good now...the water is back on, Andy's washing the boat and Jake and I are finishing up last minute things before checking out.  This seems to be what Savannah does before a big trip - spit parts.  Remember the pinhole leak in the hull before we left San Diego?  Better that it all happens here at the dock than out there, right?  Baring no unexpected delays today, we'll be out of here tomorrow.  It looks like it might actually happen!  And it's a good thing...I've got veggies ripening as we speak!


Papa Mac said...

Durn, who would believe that something good could come out of you being that sick? Glade you guys found the leak before you were like a week out. At $3.50 a gal. that loose would have been bad enough, but the mess, I wouldn't want to even think about that. Hope you are all better by now, I know that can't be fun. Keep us posted, love you lots. Mac

Del Viento said...

Best wishes on your crossing! I would love to see a post about the leak specifically. What kind of a leak? What kind of tanks? And how did you go about fixing it? Take care, Michael, s/v Del Viento

Brad said...

Boats! They just don't know when to get with the program. Bon voyage folks.

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