Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 11

We're into our 11th day and have 1300 miles under our hulls. We should be crossing the official half way point this afternoon!!

As part of the celebration, Jake got his "half way" present today. I'm particularly impressed with the patience he's shown on getting this present. You see, he was with us when we bought it. He wanted a new Hero Factory figure so bad and I couldn't justify getting it for no reason, so I told him I would buy it but he couldn't open it until we were half way across the Pacific. He agreed. He held the box, loved the box, showed it to everyone on the dock, then we promptly put it away in my closet. Yesterday, when we were talking about getting close to being halfway, he mentioned his "surprise." I praised him for his patience and how he has been so good about not asking for it along the way. His response was, "Well mommy, I knew if I asked too much you might give it away to another little boy that doesn't have any presents so I just Zipped it!" and he took his fingers and acted like he was zipping up his lips. Hmmm... I swear I have never actually given away one of his toys as a punishment, but my bark must be pretty good, because he was serious as a heart attack. This morning after we finished some leftover school work from yesterday, I gave him his gift and he's been playing ever since.

Our gift will come tonight in the form of a big fat juicy steak that we splurged on at Carnes del Mundo before we left (ok, so we splurged on 12 of them, but this will be the first time we try them...they're the only aged beef we've found in Mexico).

Yesterday we caught another tuna. Not as big this time but the perfect size for our sushi dinner. Andy normally makes the sushi but I took a shot at it this time. Not as good as his, but it was a pretty good first try. Jake ate every last morsel, as usual.

Normal routines continued today...I'm trying to keep up with the laundry. Not that we're wearing that many clothes, but somehow it adds up. I always did our laundry when we were underway in the Sea of Cortez because the clothes dried so much quicker and what else did I have to do? It's a lot different out here. It's actually a dangerous job! Here I am trying to hang laundry up on a line with 10 foot seas pushing the boat causing us to surf down them at 10-12 knots, trying my darndest not to fall overboard! Who knew laundry could be life threatening? Andy thinks I'm being a little dramatic, but I'm sticking to it...

I really wish I could post some pictures as this blog would be a 100 times more interesting. In the meantime, I'll keep posting if for no other reason than to assure our family and friends we're ok. Until tomorrow...

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