Saturday, November 20, 2010

Who are cruisers anyway?

Savannah at sunset in Mazatlan
So who does this kind of thing?  Well, it's your teachers (lots of teachers), retired military, your real estate agent that sold you your house.... the grocery store clerk at your local Publix, your air conditioning repairman... the guy down the street foreclosing on his house (or boat)...all walks of life.  Everyone has a dream, right?  While your dream may not be sailing around the world (although don't let not knowing how to sail stop you), after seven months, we can honestly say, do whatever you can to achieve that dream...sooner than later.  It really is worth every minute of hard work.

We meet all kinds of people with all different kinds of skills and levels of income.  The only difference between these people and the majority of the world out there is that they took some sort of action.  Sure it's a little scary (ok, a lot scary...terrifying)...but you'll never know if you don't try.

Too sappy for me? was one of those days.


Diane, Evan and Maia said...

Nah, not too sappy at all. I think taking the time to sit back and really savour what we've accomplished now and then is important. It balances out the days when everything is going to hell.

Papa Mac said...

I second that comment, my dream isn't on the water, and I understand why yall's isn't on a bike, the important thing is that we have them and have lived long enough to have a shot at them. I'm very happy that you guys are doing it. And what a deal for Jake, man!! Love you guys much.

Anonymous said...

Like the new cover. How is my friend Jake doing?
I m missing him but enjoying seeing all the pictures of him. Hope to catch up with the crew of Savannah sometime soon. Will being crossing around the 1st. Take care, all our best S/V Ulalena.

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