Friday, November 12, 2010

11/6/2010 - Moving on

Friends on Endurance waving Bye for the last time.

Friday morning we had a short goodbye swim with our friends on Endurance and then a sad goodbye wave as they headed north and we headed south.  We truly enjoyed their company over the last week and all of us on Savannah are sad that we couldn’t be going the same direction.  Trinidad and Samantha are such good kids.  Funny, smart and cute as a button.  Jake can’t quite get his head around not seeing them again.  We all promised to meet up again after our trip is over.  With my experience with leaving friends in the military, this isn’t as far fetched as it sounds…you always run into people down the road.

It’s interesting to see the landscape change since we came through here a few months ago.  Aqua Verde, our first stop, has transformed from a small dustbowl to a beautiful cove with actual flowers blooming (albeit not very many)!  We pulled in early afternoon and spent the evening watching the fishermen come in and out.  After breakfast the next morning we went to the Tienda for some vegetables and eggs and were able to get some fresh goat cheese.  It’s not the kind we think of at home, it’s more like a mozzarella, but very tasty.  This is my favorite little Tienda that we’ve been to.  I posted pictures the first time around.  It’s a small house with food on the front porch and coolers extending in to the yard.  You can either browse around or just ask for what you want and they will point you to the right cooler.  We were able to get tomatoes, eggs, avocados, lettuce, cheese and chayote (a vegetable good for stir fry…Paula made it and it was delicious).  The also had chicken, potatoes and onions but we didn’t need any of those things yet.  It looks so bare yet has so many things…and the people are so nice and helpful with our Spanish!

Los Gatos was our next stop and it looks like they too were able to get some green things growing!  The beach here looks completely different from the first time.  It looks like they got some rain and a bit of erosion on the beach.  It was very neat to see the miniature cliffs left in the sand by the running water and wind.  They almost looked like replicas of the mountains standing behind the beach.  We explored a good bit, threw the Frisbee around and worked on Jake’s rock skipping skills.

He can throw...

He just can't quite catch yet.

After a brief visit and Spanish practice with the local fisherman, a nice sushi dinner (we caught a fairly large dorado on the way here), we’re now on our way to Isla San Francisco.  This will be our dropping off point for the mainland.  It’s about 35 miles so we got an early start this morning and are seriously hoping for some wind.  We’ve been motoring since we left.  We tried a bit of sailing the first day but after a few hours at 2 knots, we decided to crank the motors back up.

We’re looking forward to a beautiful sunset tonight, as Isla San Francisco is really one of the more picturesque places we’ve been.  

There is really never enough sushi for that kid.


Diane, Evan and Maia said...

Hey Guys,
It's nice to keep track of you. Sounds like you're having a great time. We STILL don't know what's next for us. It seemed all settled but we're back in flux again. But we'll keep in touch.

S/V Endurance said...

We are at our final destination, Guaymas. We had a great time with you all too! I miss those jalapeno poppers and the amazing fried fish! I love your pictures and stories. Have fun in Isabela!!

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