Friday, November 5, 2010

Watching movies aboard Savannah

We really have to come up with a different plan.  This is what it looks like to watch a movie on our boat.  Actually, this is one of the configurations.
For those movies that we brought with us, they plug in nicely to Jake's little DVD player and hook up the traditional way to our TV.  For those movies we've bought in Mexico, until San Carlos, they had to be played through our laptop because they're from a different "region" and Jake's DVD player won't play them.  We bought a new DVD player in San Carlos, hoping to fix these problems and now we can play our mexican DVD's but not our US DVDs (we still have to use Jake's DVD player).
Next we introduce a whole new problem.  We have some DVDs on a hard drive a friend gave us.  Those can only be played through our MAC laptop, for which we had to get a new cord to connect to the TV (previously, we had to copy a movie onto a flash drive, then play through our other laptop).  But we don't have just one hard drive, we have two.  The second one has AVI files that we are unable to read altogether until we download the latest version of our movie player.
Regardless of the configuration, we have to pull out the cables, plug it all in, get the generator out and started (or turn on the inverter), every single time.  We can't just leave it out due to lack of space and the fact that it drives me batty.
It seems like a trivial problem, just buy the right cables, download the right software and boom, there you go.  But as I've said before, nothing's as easy as it seems.  We're working on it though, I don't mean to sound like I'm whining, but we don't get to watch "TV" in the traditional sense so movies can become pretty important.  Particularly when we cross the pacific... I figure 5 movies a day for 30 days...Jake should be good :).  For all of you mom's out there who just had a heart attack, calm down, I'm kidding.... sort of.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, I'm just envisioning being subjecting to ten hours a day of Disney princess movies... for thirty consecutive day... and I was mostly worried about your physical safety crossing the Pacific... my hear goes out to you!

Anonymous said...

ps... that was from me, Hunter xoxo

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