Thursday, November 4, 2010

11/3/2010 - Still here

After trying to leave the past two days, we're still here in Puerto Escondido.  It's actually quite funny... we've spent all summer with very little to no wind having to motor our way everywhere.  Now that we want to leave, we have too much wind...sort of.  It's really only too much wind for us to get on and off the dock to fill our water tanks.  Technically we could do it, but there's really no need to risk hitting one of these really expensive fishing boats sitting here.  Why don't we use our watermaker, you ask?  We could use our watermaker but we are completely out of water and that would take many many hours and lots of amps to do.  Plus, we don't like to leave a port completely empty.  What if something happens to the watermaker and we're stuck with nothing?

So here we sit... waiting.  Luckily, Endurance is here with us waiting as well.  They made it to the dock this morning before the wind picked up but now it's too strong for them to get off.  It's a good thing none of us have any jobs that we're late for!

Hopefully we'll get out of here late today/tomorrow and head closer to Maztelan.  We would like to get there and get a good spot before all of the Baha ha'ers get there.  The BaHaHa is a group of folks that sail down to Cabo San Lucas every November from San Diego.  There are literally hundreds of boats.  From there (or La Paz) a good majority of them head over to Maztelan and the mainland side.  While it will be nice to meet new people, we still want to get in there before the "crowd."  We should have internet over there so look for more updates in a week or so.

By the way... I forgot something about our trip back from San Diego...  The red light does exist at the border for anyone wondering.  We got it at 4:00 in the morning on our way back.  They flashed a light around the trunk, took a peek at Jake sleeping in the backseat and said Adios!  Didn't even check out passports.  I don't think they had their coffee yet.


Nicole said...

Yikes. Did your tummy get upset? So, no fine...? That's awesome. :-)

Papa Mac said...

Monica, I finly got it. If I sign in frist it cuts the work by about 75% when trying to comment. User what.... Do I hear a "I told you so" Love you too much.

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