Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our second Thanksgiving on the boat…while we did miss our families, we had a very nice time by ourselves.  We were invited to various different restaurants with different couples but we preferred to do it the more traditional way with cooking our dinner ourselves and finishing the day with sleeping and being lazy.  So we did. 
We were able to find some turkey legs and wings and what we thought was a breast but turned out to be a gigantic thigh.  Andy grilled them while I made dressing, cabbage and potatoes.  For desert, Jake and I made a pecan pie which turned out to be one of my all time best.
We watched a few movies, went up to Benji’s to pick up our shrimp and drop off some trash, then back to the boat for one last movie before Jake’s bed time.
Jake and I making a pecan pie
Jake and I did a lot of preparation for Thanksgiving this year.  He really got into the whole story about the pilgrims and indians and the idea of being thankful for everything.  So we started with making turkey napkin holders – I give myself an A+ for heading up this craft.  They actually turned out to look like turkeys.  We attempted to make a candle out of crayons but our wick wasn’t very good so it didn’t actually light.  But Jake had a blast during the process.  Finally, we made a Thanksgiving tree where we all wrote down what we’re thankful for on some cut out leaves and then we taped them to our tree.  Our tree had a lot of leaves!
We’re heading out today for Isla Isabel.  The weather looks good and we’re ready to go.  We hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a good one and ate so much you had trouble staying awake during the football games!  

We had a fourth guest for our lunch one day.


Diane, Evan and Maia said...

I'm impressed with your crafts! Safe travels guys--hope to see you down the road:)

Nicole said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving you guys! I am glad to hear you kept it traditional.
We miss you!
-Nicole & Eric

Papa Mac said...

Sounds good to me, eat, laze out, nap. That's traditional around here for sure

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