Monday, November 22, 2010

More exploring in Mazatlan

Our last couple of days have been spent exploring more of the town and marina area.  We went to the Mazatlan aquarium the other day.  It's supposed to be the biggest aquarium in Mexico.  I think after having a pass at Sea World, visiting the GA Aquarium, and spending the summer in the Sea of Cortez, we might have been a little desensitized.  It was impressive for down here though. They had sting rays, sharks, turtles and crocodiles.  There were tons of kids there on field trips from various different schools and I thought it a little sad that most of them are so close to seeing these things in the wild right in their backyard and yet they never get the opportunity.  They have to squint their eyes through a dirty old tank to see a shadow of a sting ray while we have to poke sticks in the water to shoo them away before going to the beach.

Andy and Jake posing with King Neptune in front of the Aquarium

There have been a few cruiser parties that we've attended.  They had the potential to be fun but once again, Andy and I are not the most outgoing folks and we didn't really make any connections with anyone so we drank our free beer and headed back to the boat.  Don't get me wrong, there are very nice people out here but we just have trouble with crowds.  Not that we can't mingle and make small talk, we do that very well... we just don't enjoy it.  I would rather sit down one on one with someone and get to know them than work a room and just gather a bunch of names.

So...when we're not out socializing, we take dinghy rides.  There are tons of little canals here to explore with beautiful houses, mangroves and quite a few iquanas.  It's one of our favorite things to do here that doesn't cost us any money!

View from the canal of one of many beautiful homes dotting the golf course
Speaking of money, we're spending a fortune on marina fees so we're heading out today.  The weather doesn't seem to want to allow us to make the 90 mile trek to Isla Isabel yet (it's supposed to be blowing 25-35 knots by mid week - would make for a very uncomfortable anchorage) so we're going to go anchor out near old town in a place called Stone Island and will probably be there through Thanksgiving.  I doubt there will be any wifi signal there so this may be my last post for a while.

We stocked up on groceries yesterday in the Mega (HUGE grocery store that would rival any Albertson's) and even found some turkey for our Thanksgiving dinner.  Not just turkey slices :).  We found a turkey breast for me and wings and legs for Andy and Jake so it looks like we'll be able to have somewhat of a traditional meal after all (I was all prepared to have our first fish thanksgiving...the pilgrims ate fish too you know).  I even found pecans for pecan pie.

While we miss our families and friends terribly, we're very thankful that we've been able to spend all of this time together.  It's definitely brought us closer (literally, I can't even begin to describe the close proximity of two people in our bathroom together).  We would like to wish everyone back home a Happy Thanksgiving!  We miss you and will be thinking of you!

By the way, I got a good response from my lime tip I posted a few days ago....Here's another one: Wrap your cabbage heads in paper (butcher paper, newspaper, whatever)...they last longer out of the fridge that way.


Nancy said...

It sounds like you have had fun exploring in Mazatlán. We love it here and love to read about other people's adventures. Safe sailing!

Nicole said...

Happy Thanksgiving. We'll miss you and be (hopefully) seeing you next year in Bora Bora. Have a safe trip and tell Andy and Jake "HI" from us. xoxo

Bucket List said...

Monica, Give me a call/email when you can. It's time probably for some adjustments. Happy Turkey Day! Jim O'Brien

Kenny Lee said...


Just dropping by and saying hello. I know we're very far from your thoughts, but we still talk about you at work here. We all say..."one day...just like Monica..." :)

Happy Holidays,

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