Friday, November 5, 2010

Gas complaint (not THAT kind of gas)

Andy just got back from filling our jugs with gas and for the first time since being in Mexico, I feel the need to complain about the practices publicly.

For anyone coming to Puerto Escondido...
If you take your jugs up to the gas station here at the marina and fill them up and then get in a CAR, no problem.  If you take the same jugs up and fill them and get in your dinghy (i.e. the gas is for a boat), you will be charged a 20% tax.  No amount of arguing or logic changes the situation.  I recommend you find one of the folks that stay here year round and own a car and ask them to borrow it for 10 minutes.  Drive your jugs the 100 yards it takes to get to the gas station, drive back to the parking lot and then walk them to your dinghy.

As a side note, in Santa Rosalia, it was just the opposite.  If you pulled your boat up to the dock to get gas, there was a 10% tax.  If you carried your jugs up, no tax.  This at least made a little sense as the guys had to pull the hoses down to the dock and wait around in the hot sun as opposed to pumping into a small tank in the shade.  We took that one in stride.

Andy is not a happy camper this morning...good thing we're leaving.


Nicole said...

Have a safe trip! We miss you guys already. Eric's been trying to have a smackdown with me every night and that is NOT happening. He can't flip me over and hold me up by one leg the way he can so easily with Jake... :-)

Papa Mac said...

Well in the U.S. we use the "road tax" to fix the roads, but how they gona fix the water?

The Crew of Savannah said...

Nicole, Jake and I are laughing out loud. Jake wants to know why he doesn't just call one of his buddies. You're not supposed to hit girls.

PapaMac, well, interesting perspective...I think it just might fit. Miss you guys.

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