Wednesday, November 17, 2010

War at the Beach in Mazatlan

A day at the beach confirms the impact movies have on small kids minds.  In a span of two hours, Jake managed to bomb a volcano, shoot the bad guys, and make himself into a submarine only to be blown up by the bad guys.  On the walk back to the marina, he flew his six wing jet fighters (to someone with no imagination, they looked remarkably like two hands with the thumbs and pinky's poking out) making sure no bad guys snuck up on us.

U.S.S Jake, complete with barnacles

Creating the bombs for the volcano

Delivering the bombs

I'll probably get a lot of mommy criticism for this one, but I say boys will be boys.  You can set a boy down with barbies if you want, but most of them will just pull their heads off.

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Papa Mac said...

He the man! Your a good mommy

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