Thursday, July 1, 2010

6/22/10 - To Bee or not to Bee?

We’ve been out of LaPaz for a week now and it feels like a month!  We’ve had campfires, gone diving on a local wreck, snorkeled with the sea lions again, and met new friends.  We’ve visited an island with less than 20 people, inhabited for five generations.  We’ve gone through the mangroves and gone grocery shopping at a super mini mart in the middle of a dirt road (emphasis on the “mini”).  Now we’re sitting in the middle of a cove with gorgeous red rocks resting after a morning hike and snorkel.  What do all these things and places have in common?  Bees!  
We were prepared for the gnats, bo bos, no seums, mosquitos, whatever kind of bug you can think of.  We missed the memo on bees.  When we pulled into the mangroves we were all alone as no one wanted to venture into the bugs with us.  When we showed up at the next stop later that day (San Everisto), everyone was sure we got ran off by the no seums.  Nope.  It was the bees.  Evidently they’re very thirsty and they come out to boats looking for fresh water.  But even after drying off the boat and making sure all things wet are dry, here we sit at Los Gatos covered in bees.  I’ve removed all coke cans, beer cans and food wrappers.  They’re still here.  What’s strange is that they aren’t on the land, they come out to the boats.  At night they go away and they return shortly after breakfast.  Maybe it’s the pancakes they’re after?
(Added note:  It’s the 30th of June and Jake and I are sitting in the cabin nursing our stings…Jake was stung by a wasp on his neck at the API office and I stepped on a bee in our room…ouch)
I’m being kind of lazy about the writing and just putting a bunch of pictures out here.  These were all taken over the last week in various different places.  We spent more time at Isla Espirtu Santo, then Isla San Francisco, Isla Coyote, Bahia Amortajada,  San Evaristo, Puertos los Gatos.  All of these places are within 20-30 miles of each other so it makes for nice little day hops.  The sailing isn’t all that great…not much wind, but we’re trying.  We finally figured out how to put up our awning that’s been under our bed for six months and now we have shade.   Wow, we should have done that earlier.  Enjoy the pictures.  Wish you were here.

Not the most flattering pictures yet, but at least he's still taking them!  These were taken on the Fang Ming wreck off of Espiritu Santos.   

Jake and Scott found some sea slugs in the tide pools at Isla San Francisco.

Exploring Isla Coyote.  The locals sell jewelry as part of their only source of income.

Self portrait in the mangroves.

Jake showing his muscles at Los Gatos on the giant red rocks.  Really beautiful place.

Jake's first time snorkeling without a life jacket or wet suit.

Our friends on Ulalena underway.

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