Thursday, July 1, 2010

6/24/2010 - Cuanto Queso?

So one might ask…how’s your Spanish coming along?  Well, a panga pulled up today trying to sell us some lobster and Andy asked him “Cuanto queso?,”  meaning, “How much cheese?”  So, we have some work to do. What he meant to ask was Cuanto cuesta?  As in “how much money?” (I’m still laughing…..out loud)
Later, we had finally found the tienda (very small store) and we thought we were doing great.  We were getting all the vegetables we wanted, the bread, fruits, etc.  and the guy started talking to us about the “basura.”.  He was talking so fast and we were trying hard to keep up.  We thought he was talking to us about diving (buseo).  There are lots of divers out here and we’ve met a few trying to sell us fish….  It wasn‘t until about 8 hours later we were sitting on the boat and I started laughing.  Andy said “what?”  I said, “he was telling us where we could dump/burn our trash!!”  We both got a big kick out of that.  So the consensus is, we need a little more emersion before we can claim that we “speak Spanish.”

 We were lucky to have a sign pointing our way to the store...

Because this was it....might have missed it.

Getting our groceries.  Quite different from Harris Teeter or Trader Joe's wouldn't you say?

Our new friends from Puttytat...trying to pass us with their spinniker out (they succeeded).

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