Sunday, July 25, 2010

7/24/2010 - Isla San Marcos

In case you haven't caught on, this place is teaming with life.  Andy was able to shoot some more fantastic pictures.  He went for a dive this morning and stayed gone so long I thought he had taken up underwater basket weaving.  In the meantime, Jake and I were sweating our little petooties off while fighting off a swarm of bees... Me? Jealous?  Of course not.    Enjoy!


papa mac said...

Wow how cool can it get, so neat to get to see and talk to you guys. Looks like the new place is better for fishing and photos. Hope it's a little cooler. I put the new contact numbers on your face book wall, I hope. This number goes down at 2000 tonight after 34 years.Love you guys, have fun,and be safe.

Matt McKaskle said...

Dude, nice picks. I wish I was there. We are back in TN after 6 months in AL. It's just a little too country for us down there. I'll be watching the blog more closely. Be safe and have fun.

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