Tuesday, July 6, 2010

7/6/2010 - Surprise visit!

After going into town the other day, we were able to finally buy a phone card and call home.  Imagine my surprise when dad told me they were booking a car to drive to see us over the long weekend!
They made it here safe and sound after a 15 hour drive.  They stayed in a beautiful hotel on the Malecon in Loreto.  I believe it was called La Mision.  After spending a long day walking and shopping, Jake and Andy took a dip in the huge pool at the hotel.  Jake can now officially “swim” (i.e. without flippers, mask, lifejacket, wetsuit)! 

We had a real Mexican moment after they finished swimming.  I was supposed to buy Andy some shorts because I forgot his bathing suit and his shorts were wet from swimming.  That way, we could go straight to dinner from his hotel.  On my venture out, I stopped in a bookstore (I know they don’t sell shorts but I wanted to look anyway).  The lady asked me if I needed anything and I asked her where I could find a place that sells men’s shorts, today (it was close to closing time).  I explained the situation and she asked me what size he was and if he was particular.  She went to her husband and explained everything and he returned with a nice pair of blue shorts!  He got them out of his closet and just gave them to me!  So thank you to Janine an Alberto at Baja Books for their generosity.
Yesterday the weather was beautiful (not to hot, a good bit of wind) and we took mom and dad to Candeleros Chico.  Andy went spearfishing and caught us lunch.  We had a wonderful day.  We hated to say goodbye last night but they had a long drive home today. 

The wind has died and it’s back to being hot hot hot.  We’re heading out of Puerto Escondido today and over to an island close by called Honeymoon cove at Isla Danzante where we hope to catch up with our friends on Manta and possibly do some diving.  We’ve enjoyed our stay here but my favorite part is the guy on the boat next to us playing the saxaphone every night.  We don’t know who he is but we get to sit on the front while listening to music echo over the water.  Very nice.

I’m guessing it will be another week or so before we hit a hotspot for the internet.  Thanks to all of you following and hanging with us and our intermittent updates.



Greg said...

Andy and family,
Just got caught up on all your adventures and I must say it sounds wonderful. I look forward to reading every word. I know the mundane may not seem interesting, but to those of us who go to work every day, every word and picture is a treasure. Tell Andy I saw the SDV footage he shot with CAPT Smith aboard the SSGN cut into the Bandito Film last month and it was awesome.
Keep keeping us posted. Question: do you or any of the other sailors have problems with looters when you leave your boat alone?

The Crew of Savannah said...

Hi Greg. Thanks for the comment! So far we've only had one incident and we don't think it was a local...we left our pole spear hanging a little out of the boat and someone came by and took it...we actually think it was another cruiser given the location we were at. But for the most part, we haven't had any problems at all. But to be safe, we always lock up.

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