Thursday, July 1, 2010

6/27/2010 - Is it Saturday or Sunday? Do we care?

We seemed to have lost a day.  As we were listening to the weather report on our SSB radio this morning, they told everyone to have a happy Sunday.  Andy and I both looked at each other….”Is it Sunday?”  I could have sworn it was Saturday.
We have had a fabulous two days.  Yesterday we anchored ourselves at Yellowstone Beach.  Too far away from Yellowstone Park, Andy did the next best thing and parked us at the beach.  It was a beautiful beach with huge cliffs made of yellow limestone.  We snorkeled and walked the beach to find a large seal skeleton washed ashore.  Sad but very educational when you’re trying to teach a four year old.
This morning we woke up and hopped in the dinghy for Andy to dive and Jake and I to snorkel.  It’s become customary for Jake to “scuba dive” with Andy when he comes up, breathing on his spare regulator.  By lunch time, we pulled anchor and headed to a little beach called Caleta Candeleros Chica.  This place is awesome.  Only two boats can fit in here, provided we both put out stern anchors.  We beat another boat in here by about five minutes.  Andy throttled up to ensure we got our spot.  They searched around and decided it was too much trouble, I’m guessing.  Anyway, this spot is gorgeous.   We had a local panga drive up on the beach with about 6 or 8 people enjoying their Sunday afternoon.  One of them was more than curious about our boat and we got to practice our Spanish again.  Andy thought they wanted to swim under our hulls so he said “Sure!”  Before we knew it one of them had climbed onto the boat and ran to the bow.  After asking him to “hable despacio, por favor” (speak slowly, please), we understood that he had never dove off of anything this high.  He made a less than graceful dive right onto his face…ouch!  But he came up laughing and appeared to have enjoyed himself. 
We end the night with a big pot of speghetti and a beautiful sunset.   We are experiencing some really hot wind right now.  I’m handling the humidity in the day time as I’m used to that, but this wind is like being in the middle of a giant oven. We wanted hot…be careful what you wish for!
I’m missing my family pretty big now.  I hope we can share this soon.

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