Thursday, July 1, 2010

6/30/2010 - Puerto Escondido… civilization again. Sort of.

We left our little paradise yesterday and came to Puerto Escondido.  Some new friends of ours on a trimaran, Manta (also former Navy), guided us to a mooring ball in what they call the Eclipse area here.  There are tons of boats here and the most popular way of staying is on a mooring ball.  We could have been a little more graceful about our entry but now we’re here and we’re within spitting distance of the dinghy dock.  That’s kind of nice considering we’ve had to drive forever at all the other anchorages.
This place is known as a hurricane hole and the next big stop off on the way north.  You can catch a ride or take a cab to a town called Loreto and stock up on food and drink.  Dawn and Terri on Manta have offered us a ride when they go tomorrow so we can get some much needed groceries.  I’ve heard there is a market every Saturday morning so we may catch a cab back on Saturday and check that out.
They have laundry facilities here so today I’m going to hang out there to wash everything we’ve been piling up.  One theory in cruising is that you bring as little clothes as possible because you really don’t need much.  Evidently, our theory is that you bring as much as you can fit on the boat and wear it all because you never feel like doing laundry!  Not much different than our theory on land, I guess.
We’ll be here for the next week so hopefully we’ll have time to catch up with all of our friends and family.  We don’t get internet on the boat, we have to go up to the clubhouse, so please be patient!


Nicole said...

Yay! Updates... I am so happy. We miss you guys so much and are happy to hear about all your fun. Can't wait to come see some of this next year in person. Be safe and keep us updated! Thanks for the beautiful photos, keep 'em coming.

Diane, Evan and Maia said...

Hey Guys,
Glad you met Terry and Dawn. We suggested they keep an eye out for you. We'll be back around the 15th. More or less:) If you are around can you check our boat and our cat? Ray is taking care of both, but it's nice to have a second set of eyes.

I'm currently living large in Montreal--float planes, helicopters, beluga whales, you name it I've done it, or eaten it. Ev and Maia are in Vancouver.
see you soon

Duncan said...

Andy, Monica and Jake: Sounds like the adventure continues. Great photos Andy. The lighting on the shot of Jake in the cabin is incredible. Also, your half-underwater shots look terrific. Not quite sure how you captured those. I hope you had a great 4th of July down south. All the best.

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