Friday, July 16, 2010

7/16/2010 - Stranded (well, almost)

I know everyone is dying to hear of a “we screwed it up” story…well, here it is.
The night started with a fantastic bonfire, my favorite music on the iPod and some typical funny Jake moments.  He picks up a huge stick and says “Look mommy!, it’s a perfect stick for whacking chickens!”
Whacking chickens? What do you even say to that?  “Why do you want to whack chickens sweetie?”
“So we can eat them!  They’re yummy!”
Well, if you know me, you know that I feel the need to correct him so he doesn’t grow up thinking that’s how you kill a chicken.  “No sweetie, we don’t whack chickens with a stick, we wring their necks or cut their heads off.”
“Why mommy?”
“So we don’t bruise the meat.”
“Oh, Ok.”  And off he goes.  Have we been in Mexico too long?

Does it look like a chicken whacker to you?

The end of the night comes…way past bedtime, time to go back to the boat…  Andy goes to load the dinghy and guess what he finds?  Nothing.  No dinghy.
I went back to the boat for something earlier and when I came back I beached the dinghy, but forgot to put the anchor out…oops. Tide comes in...dinghy floats away.
Andy swims to the boat (a long way, and on a moonless night) and gets out the spot light and the kayak.  He finally finds the dinghy at the far corner of a neighboring beach.  As he kayaks over there and begins to feel relief, he notices quite a bit of water coming in around his bum.  Hmmm.. he wonders?  Why is my kayak filling up with water?  Oh yeah, Jake likes to play with the kayak.  He must have left the drain plug undone. Water is pouring in…  hurry, paddle, hurry, paddle…. Just as  he’s about to sink in the kayak, he makes it to the dinghy.  We hear the vroom, vroom of the engine and start cheering from the beach.  Yeah daddy!  All things considered, I think Jake and I are pretty lucky Andy came back to get us.

So here we are, safe and sound on the boat…after learning a few big lessons…
1. Don’t let mommy be in charge of the dinghy.
 2. Don’t let Jake be in charge of the kayak.
Which leads to the only logical conclusion...
The captain should have taught us better…

Earlier in the day we were in San Juanico and saw the cruiser's shrine we've heard so much about.  


Nicole said...

Lol. You guys are so funny. I love all the adventures. One question... Did you guys save the Kayak?

boatbaby said...

That is just hilarious! Glad you were able to find the dink at all! And thankfully you had a kayak or Andy would have had LOTS of swimming to do.

papa mac said...

Good to hear from you all again, sounds like fun to me."after the fact" I have learned never to say what else can happen, you may find out. Sounds like some of our deals. Happy it all worked out, usually does, but some times you begain to wounder... Love you Guys!!!

Brad said...

Always nice when you can learn stuff and not lose anything in the process. Great story. I can just picture Andy making for that dinghy with the kayak sinking and thinking "I gotta teach her to remember that anchor next time!".

The Crew of Savannah said...

Brad, you're being too kind...I"m not realy sure that's exactly what he was thinking :)

Nicole, yes we saved the kayak!

Monika Jindal said...

LOL! well narrated :-) Could literally picture it all happening!

Glad you all are OK and thanks for sharing your adventure.

The Crew of Savannah said...

Hey Monika! I didn't know you were following! How are you? How's the baby (probably not a baby anymore, huh?). Drop me a note if you get a chance.

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