Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LaPaz, again

We're back in LaPaz to re-provision before heading further north.  If you google earth this area you'll see there are many little islands and coves to explore but not a lot of towns, so making sure we have enough food and drink is important, especially for this family who loves both more than most people.

We've been here a few days and have accomplished a lot...

  • Sam's Club
  • Walmart
  • Grocery Store
  • New wetsuit/skin for Jake
  • Visit to the Whale Bone Museum
  • Visit to the weaver (where I bought a cool rug and a wrap for mom)
  • Internet access for the time we're in Mexcio (this is much harder than it sounds)
  • Watching the US play England in the World's cup (I know, totally out of character here...expanding our horizons)

We were going to leave today but some of these things are harder to accomplish than they sound.  If it sounds like it took an hour, add three.  That's more the norm rather than the exception.  This results in a lot of ice cream stops.

As we leave the city, I thought I would share a few observations we've had since we've been in Mexico... I'm sure I'll have more to add as we go.  If anyone has ever been to Mexico then these things probably won’t come as a surprise.  They’re not criticisms, just observations I thought some might enjoy.

  • Much like the south, everything moves slower here.  Understandably so, it’s HOT.
  • Stop signs are mere suggestions.  Literally, they’re treated kind of like yield signs in the U.S.  (and pedestrians do NOT have the right of way). 
  • Grocery stores sell way more than groceries.  Where else can you buy a washer and dryer, a pair of underwear and a sack of tomatoes at the same store?
  • Holidays are a very serious event.  So serious in fact, that in some cases stores are closed the day before and the day after just to make sure every one has sufficient time to celebrate.
  • The Siesta is not a myth.  When it comes to mini marts and things like that, this is in direct contrast to how we Americans think.   Two o’clock rolls around and we start thinking about what we want for supper - oops we need more beer, maybe I should run to the store to get x,y,z for the potluck - only to walk 4 blocks in 95 degree heat to find out they’re closed for the next hour or so.  Lesson learned - must plan ahead.
  • Soda is sold by the can, not the six pack.  Sort of.  Evidently, as of March, 2010, they now sell them by the eight pack (maybe).  The price is the same, you just don’t have to hassle with individual cans.   It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but mentally, you feel like you’re paying more when you put 24 cans of diet coke in your cart instead of a case. 
  • Andy and I have both observed that stores here are similar to the U.S., just a little different.  Sears – same, but weird.  Walmart – same, but weird.  Maybe it’s the way it’s organized?  Quality of products?  I can’t seem to put my finger on it.   
  • Nothing is easy.  Example, I went to run two errands today - get an account number for my internet access and pick up Jake's wet suit.  It took me 3 hours and two trips to both places before I could accomplish the task.
We're headed back up to Espiritu Santo tomorrow to meet up with Ulalena and V'ger.  Everyone wants to do some diving and Terri has offered to take care of Jake so I can partake.  I'm really excited.  We'll stay in touch as much as we can.

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Paula Pinto-Aguero de Beemer said...

La fuente; my favorite ice cream shop. Don't miss the bacon wrapped hotdogs! Glad to see you enjoying your trip and sorry about the ray!!
Take care,

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