Sunday, May 16, 2010

Still in Cabo

Can you find Savannah?

We're still here in Cabo San Lucas.  Yesterday we decided to bite the bullet and come into the marina for a night.  It seemed worth the money to be able to shower as long as we want, do laundry (lots of laundry), and wash the boat down.  I have two more loads to do this morning and then we're headed back out to anchor by the beach.  Tomorrow morning we'll leave early for Bahia los Frailes, about 45 nautical miles north of here.  From what our guide says, it's not much of a town, but is really good for snorkeling and diving.  Just north of there is Cabo Plumo National Marine park and it has the only coral reef in the Sea of Cortez.  We're going to try to do some diving there if at all possible (i.e. find someone to watch Jake while we dive).  At the very least, Andy will dive and take some pictures while Jake and I explore the park.  From there we'll head to Ensenads de los Muertos (Bay of the dead).  However, I think they now call it Bahia de los Suenos (Bay of Dreams) :).

While at anchor here, we had an exciting time getting to the beach.  I can only write about it now as it's been a few days and I've decided that hopefully I'm not the world's worst mother in the world... We decided to take our kayaks in and land on the beach right in front of the boat (and a very large out door restaurant).  The plan was for Andy to help Jake and I get into our two seater, then he would follow.  He would pass us and land first, then help us in.  Well, he took a little longer than I expected getting into the kayak.  The current and waves were kind of swooping us in.  I tried to stay back a little ways and wait for him, but being inexperienced, I guess we got in too close.  A huge wave came and swooped us right onto the beach. But not before dumping both Jake and I out.  Evidently (according to bystanders - remember the large restaurant?), Jake never really went under, but I hit the bottom and the kayak flipped over on top of me.  Then the current kept me under for a few more seconds.  By the time I got up, I was panicked that something happened to Jake.  To my great relief, not one, but five of the local life guards had come down.  One had Jake in his arms, another had the kayak, one was checking on me and the other two were getting our paddle and dry bag.  Jake recovered nicely, but I can't say that I did.  Andy built sand castles with him while I layed for an hour and a half fighting back tears.  All in all, it turned out fine.  Jake says he'll get back in the kayak with me if there are no waves.  (for those of you wondering, Jake and I took a water taxi back to the boat).  We spent the rest of the afternoon jumping off the back of the boat and swimming around (well, technically, Jake just sat around naked).

Entertainment on the beach

It will probably be a few days before we update again, but it looks as though wifi might not be too hard to find in the next stop of two.


papa mac said...

That sounds like one of my deals, I know it was worse for you than it was for Jake. No fun at the time, but going though stuff like that is what makes us who we are,and I really like who you are. Everone who knows you knows you are a good mother, so don't even go there. .Love,hugs, and kisses all around.

Nicole said...

You guys are having the experience of a lifetime. I love reading the posts. By the way, the daily play by play's are what I love most because I can envision you guys doing the things you are experiencing. And, I agree with Papa Mac, you are the best Mother and that was just part of the experience (thank God it wasn't worse) but you handled it well and it was probably worse for you than anyone else. We miss you guys and are so happy for you, we can't wait to come visit. Thank you for updating! Keep up with the photos, even the ones of fish, it is fun to see what you guys are doing. :-)

boatbaby said...

The first time I took Zach kayaing, just he and I, I flipped the boat and dunked him within a few minutes... just trying to get on. He was about 3 at the time. He cried a little (more upset that he lost his waterbottle to the briny deep) and then I got him to laugh it off and gave him the nickname "Dunk". From then on whenever we go out he says "Mama, don't change my name to Dunk today!" You'll get the hang of it and so will he.

The Crew of Savannah said...

thank you guys! Cyndy, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one.

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