Friday, May 14, 2010

5/13/10 - Cabo San Lucas! At last!

Well, we crossed the Tropic of Cancer at exactly 9:40 last night and had high hopes of warmer weather.  Today we got our wish.  As we rounded the cape at Cabo San Lucas, the water temperature finally rose to a respectable 70+ degrees and the air got hot enough for me to finally take my jacket off!

We had a great ride down.  The winds stayed up as promised and we made well over a hundred miles yesterday.  Today the wind slowed down but it turned out to be a good thing because we caught a VERY large yellowfin tuna before 8:00 this morning!  I swore I was going to quit posting fish picture but I just can't!  This one was big enough though that we won't be putting out our lines for a while.  We even gave some away this evening.  We're going to have to freeze some of it (next to the abalone) for later.

We pulled into Cabo San Lucas around 1:30 today.  I'm not sure what I expected...maybe a Panama City, FL on steroids?  or perhaps a cleaned up version of Tijuana?  Oh no.  This is full fledged Miami... or Vegas by the sea.  We had to weave our way through the bay to make sure we didn't hit any parasailers, booze cruisers, pirate ships, racers, jet get the picture.  We were really hoping to pull in here and get a nice slip with fresh water, laundry, wifi, etc.  We pulled into the fuel dock as no one answered my call on the radio (side note:  I think I would rather do one of my old presentations to 30 people than call up someone on this darn VHF...I got hives).  When we asked for a slip for the next four nights they were more than happy to oblige.... for $158 a day!!!  We picked up our jaws and went to the next marina and were given a price over $200 a day.  So we promptly went out to the beach and anchored where the rest of the sailboats are.  It's not bad at all, we were just hoping...

After landing our dinghy at the dock for $3, we set out to find a cold beer and margarita.  Not hard to do as there is the biggest tourist trap I've ever seen right in front of the dock.  After hopping around these little villas for the last three weeks and talking to 10 people total, we were overwhelmed and overstimulated.  We had our drink and nachos (I know, HA) and hopped back in the dinghy.  We decided to go out of our element and say hi to some other cruisers anchored next to us.  We're really glad we did.  Jesse and Shanna on s/v Jesse's Girl invited us aboard to give us a brief run down on the Sea of Cortez.  They're on their way back to San Diego after spending the winter cruising the area.

We've watched fireworks off our stern, watched the pirate ship shoot it's cannon, played a good round of Battleship and now we're considering catching up on some much needed sleep.

As I've said before, I'm not real sure what people want to read, so drop me notes anytime I start to get boring.  I know play by plays are usually only interesting to family, so all suggestions are welcome.


Nicole said...

Hey there!

New to reading your blog (found it through zachaboard!).

We just started living aboard and are loving it so far. Play by plays are totally fine with me - I'm trying to absorb as much as I can, as we begin learning how to sail and eventually make our way around.


The Crew of Savannah said...

very cool! thanks for following and giving your opinion! good luck! that's the way we started.

papa mac said...

SO glad to hear that you are finally somewhere warm. I remember Andrew stating in February while in OK that after leaving here he did not intend to wear long pants again! I can not tell you how much we appreciate you keeping this up and you are correct in that we do enjoy the blow by blow comments you make. I am still trying to set my own account up but on this dial up my patience run out. Lots of love, Grandma Mac

Wendy Harris said...

It's cool being able to keep up with your ventures. Can't wait to see more picts. Loved the ones with the SEALs. How cool.
Bon Voyage!
Wendy Harris

Sarah said...

I have to say that the pictures are just as amazing as I expected them to be! It all looks wonderful and the days of relaxation and a few chores sounds even better. I have had the kids watching with me and Luke ask often if baby Jake has seen anything cool today. We love you guys!

Colby said...

We are really enjoying all of the updates. Looks like Jake is doing very well! Keep us posted and save some Tuna for me.

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