Friday, May 7, 2010

4/30/10 - Another day in Isla Guadalupe

We´re still here in Isla Guadalupe.  The weather seems to have brought a lot of winds.  With the winds switching directions so much, last night seemed like we were in a whirlpool fighting a bunch of elephants!  Every time a wave hit the boat we either rocked or jumped (kind of like the feeling you get when you´re on a roller coaster and it takes your stomach) and we would here a loud bang!  That´s one hazard of an aluminum boat I guess, all the noises are magnified.

We´re having trouble getting a clear weather report over the SSB radio and it appears no one can hear us when we ask for clarification (even though we can see we´re transmitting).  Andy was able to get a weather fax from Alaska which wasn´t extremely helpful except for showing us a high pressure systemthat we believe we´re in right now.  So we´ll download another one in a few hours and see how fast it´s moving.  That will help us decide if we leave tomorrow morning or this afternoon.  Either way, it looks as if it´s going to be a quick ride to Bahia Tortuga.

With all of the winds, we weren´t able to go ashore yesterday so we really haven´t touched land since we left San Diego.  Surprisingly, no one cares.  Jake is fighting his stuff animals on Mars with his four wheeler and alien spaceship right now so he´s keeping busy.  I attempted sewing some mosquito netting for our hatches and discovered several flaws in my design.  I decided to try my hand at bread instead.  Andy is stuck to the computer and radio trying to get weather.  It´s really too cold to hang outside so we´re making the most of our "together" time.  All is good.

My first loaf of bread!

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