Thursday, May 27, 2010

5/25/2010 - Puerto Balandra

We left yesterday morning for Puerto Balandra.  In our guide book, this looked to be a beautiful place.  We were not disappointed.  After a very bumpy ride (maybe our worst yet.  We actually had water in the cockpit), we dropped anchor yesterday afternoon around 4:00.  This place is straight out of a magazine advertisement for an expensive vacation.  Clear blue water and white sandy beaches.  

After breakfast this morning, we packed a lunch, launched the dinghy with the kayaks in tow and set out for our day.  We anchored the dinghy in about 3 feet of water and got in our kayaks.  We found the entrance to the mangroves and paddled back until we came to a nice big opening at the end.  This was exactly what Andy and I were looking for, but it wasn’t really exciting enough for Jake.  He kept going back and forth between our kayaks and asking, “can we go swimming now?”  Evidently, I don’t paddle fast enough.  Or maybe the big wave in Cabo set his expectations too high?

After taking a bunch of pictures, we turned around and went back to the beach.  The closest beach had quite a few bugs and absolutely no shade.  But it was so shallow, Jake could walk out to the middle of the shoal without even having to swim.  Eventually we headed back to the dinghy in search of another beach.  We ate our lunch, explored the beaches and swam for another hour or so….and planned our bonfire!

For Christmas, Jake’s grandmother bought him a telescope.  This place looked like the perfect place to take it ashore.  It turned out we’re missing a very important piece - the eye piece.  We don’t know if we’ve lost it somewhere on the boat or if it didn’t come in the box.  Either way, we’ll have to order another one.  But the night was not lost!   We had our first beach fire and Jake had a blast.  He even learned a little bit in the process so I got to check it off as our science lesson for the day.

Tomorrow we wake and go the next 12 miles to La Paz.  It’s been nice to have some family time, we just don’t get much of that out here (ha), but I am really looking forward to seeing other people.  And we’re out of beer….


Nicole said...

Beautiful photos! Man, Jake looks like he is aready growing up so fast... He looks like a litte Man now. You guys look great too... Lol. Seriously, I am LOVING reading the adventures. It makes me want to do it myself more and more.... You guys are inspirational.

From the Starboard Hull said...

Hi Andy & Monica & Jake,

It was great seeing Savannah coming at us on the way from Muertos to Frailes. I am glad you are making your dreams real. I'm back in Seattle now having handed Mariah off to another crew in Cabo for her trip back to San Diego. If you find you need anything in your travels just let me know. Also if you have an experience or a blog post you would like to develop into an article send it my way. I'm always looking for articles to share in our TMC newsleter and I've got contacts to get things published in Multihull Magazine and Multihull World.

While your in La Paz, try the anchorage between Espiritu Santo and Partida. If you set the hook in about 15 feet of water in the Northwest corner of the inner anchorage just off the fishing shack and the shoals you are out of the effects of the nightly Southerly Corumel winds (only really corumel proof anchorage on Espiritu). It is a great place to spend a few days and watch the pelicans work the fish. If you find you need a little marina time the Costa Baja Marina just near where the entry buoyage begins for La Paz Harbor (near the refinery) is beautiful though expensive. They said they would give any Multihull Company clients a 15% discount (try for 25!). They have an awesome infinity pool.

Fair winds!

The Crew of Savannah said...

Thanks Matt! I was going to sit down and send you an email soon. I would love to send an article...I need to find something newsworthy first :). And thank you for the tips! We're in the old boat dock now (pretty cheap but zero amenities). We might try Costa Baja for a night or two on our way out. It looked beautiful.

Nicole, I've been telling Andy that I wish you guys were with us! When you log into your computer (or Eric), log into skype. Some nights we're online and I try you, but you're not online. Maybe we can hook up soon.

papa mac said...

Wow you guys, what a deal!! The photos are just fabolus (don't let Jake see the spelling). Makes me want to get the bike out even more. Not that that would compare to what you all are doing, but, that's what We got right now. We are looking forward to the time we can meet you guys. Love you.

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