Friday, May 7, 2010

5/6/10 - Bahia Totuga

Well, it wasn´t as fast of a ride as we thought it was going to be, but we made it here Monday morning about 7:00.  It was a little anti-climatic (It´s not exactly Fantasy Island here) but we´re all excited to finally be able to go ashore after 10 days on the boat.  Boats keep coming and going but there seems to be a steady stream of cruisers here.  Our friends from San Diego, Scott and Terry aboard s/v U La Lena (not sure if I¨m spelling that right or not) pulled in a few nights ago.  We spent the day with them yesterday and they will more than likely be leaving around the same time we do tomorrow.

Things are pretty sparce here.  The people are real friendly and we´re definitely getting to practice our spanish.  Andy and I thought we were doing pretty good until yesterday.  We talked to a man who owns a restuarant here and we could´ve sworn he told us there was to be a party yesterday.  He even talked about there being lots of little boys for Jake to play with, lobster, fish, etc.  They looked as us like we were aliens when we asked them about it yesterday.  May he meant a mother´s day celebration?   Oh well...we´ve done pretty good for our first time I think. 

We took a dinghy ride to a little beach the first day we got here.  I have to say we need to work on our landings!  Aside from bashing his finger with a rock, Jake had a great time building sand castles, finding sand crabs and lots of "pirate treasure."

We´ve found an internet cafe (took me a while to crack the code on this spanish keyboard), a few mini marts and an ice cream parlor.  We´re getting a few groceries today and will be heading south tomorrow.  I probably won´t get to update the blog again until Cabo San Lucas so bear with me (a week or two maybe).  From there we´re going to look for something called a telcel that you can hook up to your computer through the usb port and supposedly get internet. We´ll see! 

The dinghy dock here is a little tricky to say the least. 

The ladder to climb up to the main dock (which we named the "Poop" dock due to the hundreds of birds that have chosen it as their special place to poop).  You can see it´s not actually connected to the dinghy dock.


Nicole said...

Oh, thank God! I am so happy to read all of this. It is finally happening... I am so happy for you guys and you look great, like you are having the best time. We miss you and are SO glad you were able to post. Tell Jake and Andy "Hi" from us. xoxo.
P.S. The photos are gorgeous! Happy Anniversary! We had a bottle of wine on your behalf.

Brad said...

Good to hear from you all. Thanks for posting the update! Some of us wish we were sailing down that way ourselves. Next best thing is knowing you guys are having a great time doing it yourselves.

papa mac said...

You guys,you guys, WOW !!!! How cool is that. Thanks so much for shareing with us old land lovers. The photos are, as always, super. Looks as tho a "pro" took them. That's a joke Andy, we know that thats what you have done for the last 20 years. Thanks for the update, have fun, stay safe. Love you guys. Papa mac

The Crew of Savannah said...

For the record, papa mac...most of these pictures are from the other pro in the family! :)

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