Sunday, May 23, 2010

5/22/10 - we found paradise!

Terri gave me a book about a couple going from Seattle to the South Pacific back in the 80’s.  They did it with a sextant and a 60 gallon water tank.  Aside from assuring us that we could do it with our three GPSs and watermaker, the book also provided us with a lot of humor.  One saying that stuck with us is, “I wonder what the poor people are doing today.”

Today was the first day we got to use our new phrase.  The day started somewhat typical with pancakes, dishes and laundry.  Then we decided to go up to the hotel we had heard so much about and have lunch, the Grande Suenos.  We found the place and were met at the door with a warm welcome by Armondo.  It’s decorated beautifully and if you look up you see a HUGE train set covering the second floor.  The first thing Jake and I did was go up and explore the train set.  Let me preface this with, we’re no train dummies.  We’ve visited numerous train expos and extravagant Christmas displays.  But nothing prepared us for this.  There was a small town set up, complete with a gas station and McDonald’s.  There was a fair, with a carousel and jolly roger ride.  On the far side was a race car track like we had never seen before.  After much coaxing, I got Jake to go back downstairs and we had a nice lunch with Scott and Terri from Ulalena.
What I haven’t mentioned yet is the pool outside the door.  It was a fairly small infinite pool, but it had a table at one end under a little palapa and a water slide leading down to another level.  Following our lunch, they let us swim at this little pool.  Terri looked over at me and asked, “I wonder what the poor people are doing today?”  I couldn’t help but laugh because it was the most appropriate comment anyone made all day.

After hours of swimming at the pool, we went back to our boat for a nap (yes, we have all adopted the much talked about “Ciesta” in Mexico).  James from s/v Pyxis stopped by to let us know he had speared a Wahoo today and the restaurant we went to last night was cooking it up for everyone tonight for $65 pesos a piece (with rice, beans, veggies).  What better way to end the day.  So here we are about to set off for our supper, update the blog and make a few phone calls back home.   We’re thinking of heading out tomorrow to round the corner towards LaPaz.  There won’t be any wind though, it seems all the weather is on the Pacific side this weekend.

Enjoy more of our pictures knowing this is what these poor people are doing today. J


The Lazy Organizer said...

I wish I were that poor! I just can't seem to get my husband to quit his job. For some reason he thinks he needs to work himself to death to make money even though I keep telling him we don't need it! Could you talk to him for me?

The Crew of Savannah said...

Usually it's the other way around....I'm asked to talk to the wife!!! Tell him we haven't even spent $1000 this month!

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