Friday, May 7, 2010

4/26/10 - Destination: Isla Guadalupe

Winds picked up to 15 knots last night and we made really good time.  We saw the light for Isla Guadalupe around 5:45 a.m.  We pulled into our anchorage a little beforenoon.  The winds shifted, coming out of the south making it not he most ideal situation.  We´ve decided to wait it out and see what happens.  We all took much needed showers and I put hot dogs on the grill.  As I was cooking, a panga (small fishing boat) pulled up and wanted to trade with us.  We had heard about these and were really excited when we saw themcoming.  We traded them three beers, a bottle of wine, and a small bag of oreos for a lobster tail and ten abalone.  Abalone are extremely expensive and considered a delecacy.  I can´t imagine how much this would cost us at a restaurant.  I felt a little bad as the beer and wine together only cost us $5 at Trader Joes.  I guess it´s all relative.  They probably think they got a deal too.  Supplies are brought in by the Mexican Navy and occasionally dropped on a small runway, so this is the only way they have to supplement their goods. 
Immediately following that, Andy and Jake caught tons of fish.   They threwmost back but one was too good to let go.  Tonight shall be a seafood smorgasbord!  It looks like we won´t be dipping into that Costco steak stash I have in the freezer for quite some time.

In case anyone finds themselves with too much abalone, here are a few recipes that turned out to be delicious!

White Fish & Abalone Ceviche
Cut up abalone and fish into bite size pieces.  Add chopped red onion, tomatoes, avacado.  Mix together lime juice, worchestire sauce, rice vinegar and ketchup.  Pour over the fish.  Add salt and pepper as you wish.  I also added garlic powder (but fresh would probably be better).  Mix together and refrigerate for a few hours giving the lime enough time to cook the fish.  Serve with chips.

Abalone & Lobster with butter
Heat up a little olive oil and lots of butter.  Slice up some mushrooms and saute until tender.  Add rosemary.  I couldn´t find my garlic but it would be good here too. Add more butter and lobster.  Cook until lobster is almost done) just a minute or two.  Add more butter and abalone.  Cook another 30 seconds until abalone is heated up.  Don´t overcook or it will be very chewy. 

This anchorage is really beautiful.  We haven´t seen any sharks, but there are dolphins all around us.  Big ones.  As you can read, lots of fish as well.  As soon as the pole hits the bottom, we get a bite.  My only complaint right now is the temperature.  It´s about the same as San Diego, which has always been too cold for my southern blood.  I guess we´ll just have to snuggle up!

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Diane & Tony Sceptre C.V. said...

Good to hear from you guys Tony and I (Diane from Sceptre)have been waiting to hear about your adventures.Sounds like things are going well it has been so cold everytime Tony and go down to SD lately, maybe this weekend it will warm up for all of us. Keep writing fun to hear from you. :)

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