Friday, June 10, 2011

Waiting on the Grouper

After a few days in the south anchorage of Fakarava and continued winds over 20 knots, we decided not to go north and forgo stocking up. If we went north, the way the swells are, we would more than likely be sitting in a very uncomfortable anchorage and our motor back would be with the wind right on our nose and bashing those same swells. We decided to just do with what we have and wait on the grouper right here. The anchorage here is really beautiful and we've been having bonfires and exploring the motus. A few other boats have come in and quite a few have left. Tomorrow we're going to move over to the anchorage right beside the pass. This anchorage is closer to the pass but very deep with lots of coral heads so we've avoided it. But if Andy wants to take pictures of the grouper, we need to get closer.

One of the benefits of moving over there would seem to be getting closer to the restaurant and pension (rooms/bungalows for rent). But it seems Annabelle isn't really up for the extra business that cruisers bring. We can't decide if it's just a cultural thing (not really in it for the money) or if it's that she's a little stressed out because she has so many guests this week. Whatever the case, she's decided she can't serve just beer or coke to anyone who doesn't eat there. But now, we can't eat there because she's only serving to her guests. She's also put up signs that indicate no dinghy parking in front of her restaurant either. She says she's worried about having enough food and drink to serve her guests but logic (and coming from America) says this is a perfect business more beer, take reservations and buy more food. She's actually the one that pointed out to us that we (cruisers) show up the same time every year...seems simple to me.

But no matter to us... we're enjoying some really exotic food here on Savannah (tongue in cheek here). We've had chicken patties (fresh from our costco can), pasta bake (with the finest cheese powder/sauce Mexico had to offer), beef curry with rice and tomorrow we may try out pizza a'la cupboard (that is, whatever is in the cupboard, goes on the pizza). The Captain and scallywag are very adventurous and tolerable of my concoctions. No one made me walk the plank yesterday when I served a very salty, inedible beef teryaki. No, they made the best of it and ate marshmallows for dinner instead (bonfire style).

The grouper should start coming in the next few days so activities will pick up and in another week or so, we'll be on our way to Tahiti. Stay tuned...there are oodles of pictures coming, eventually.

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