Monday, June 6, 2011

Fouled by Foul weather

What is it they say about the best laid plans? We had planned to head north in the atoll this morning after breakfast but were greeted with 25 knot winds, lots of rain and overcast skies (very bad for sighting coral heads). We decided to wait it out on the mooring ball until the winds started steadily increasing. Savannah started acting more like a bucking bronco than a sailboat. The line to the mooring ball was pretty short so we didn't have much room to move with the swell. So we dropped the ball and followed our snail trail on our GPS back to the anchorage. Talk about dicey. I think we chose to leave in the highest part of the storm. We saw 38 knot gusts as we turned into the wind towards the anchorage. Luckily it started to die down as we were setting our hook and thanks to our cool, calm and collected Captain, we made it without incident.

We waited out the storm with three other boats on this side of the pass and at least seven other boats on the other side of the pass. Andy and Jake watched movies while I read and napped most of the day.

The bright side of the day is that our water tanks are completely full! Hopefully, this front will pass through tonight and we'll be on our way in the morning...hopefully.

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