Monday, June 13, 2011

Diving in South Fakarava

My mom has been doing some research for us (since we don't have internet) on the marbled grouper and sent a really cool article about it today. It looks like it's worth waiting for. Andy is diving this afternoon with the local dive shop so we'll see if he sees any signs of them. Supposedly, they're starting to gather at 80+ feet.

Mom also sent some other cruiser blog articles about the area here and it occurred to me that I'm not very descriptive about what we're seeing. I guess since we see it every day, I just assumed you guys would get tired of hearing about it. And quite honestly, I forget what I write about and am trying not to repeat myself. So I'll try to do a little better.

We've moved the boat back to the mooring in the pass so we're in prime aquarium country for snorkeling. We all three went yesterday off the back of the boat to explore some of the shallower reefs behind us. We saw all kinds of little fish...unicorn fish (they actually have a horn like thing poking out of their heads), parrot fish, box I know why I'm not very descriptive...I don't know what anything is called and we don't have a fish book on board for the pacific. One thing we saw that I do know what it is was the Napolean Wrasse. I believe it's actually endangered. Andy has some beautiful pictures of it from Tahanea. This one was a little bitty one just swimming around the reef.

After we got back to the boat we put our inflatable, two seater kayak in the water and we all three paddled over to the shore to explore. We found several little lagoons leading to the big lagoon and walked around for an hour or two just looking, stopping every beach or two for Jake to build a volcano. I found a few sea shells but for the most part, everything has something living in it. The hermit crabs are everywhere and they take up all the pretty shells.

Today is the tell all day as to whether we stay for the grouper. We're having trouble with getting some packages sent to us in Tahiti (I'm sure I'll elaborate on that in a different post) so we really need to get to the internet but on the other hand, how many times do you see thousands of grouper spawning? So far, Andy hasn't seen any signs of them but with his dive this afternoon, hopefully the local dive shop will take them to where they are. There are several other camera men here just for that purpose so there must be something.

In the meantime, I know you're getting tired of posts without pictures. I realize it's not my writing that keeps you coming back! Stay tuned...just a few more days.

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Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that your writing insprired 2 classes of 4th graders. My students world is often defined by over crowded apartments that rip their parents off, and the Wal-mart that is the only place in walking distance to get food.

I started using you blog in our warm ups in January. Very quickly the question asked as I shook their hands at the door was "Did Jake's Mom post anything yesterday?"

Then I got an e-mail from the 4th grade writing teacher "Who is Jake's Mom?" They were critiquing students' work and saying things like Jake's Mom wouldn't just say blue, what kind of blue. I sent her the link.

From a couple of different conversations I figured out why your writing seemed to have such a big impact on them. You were really real. A real person writing about her life because you wanted to. Not because a teacher told you to. Not because the state was going to give you a Writing TAKS test. Not because someone was paying you.

You helped 40 kids become better writers and see there was something beyond the daily grind that didn't involve gangs.

The Crew of Savannah said...

You have made my day. I don't know how you found our blog (or even why you chose to read it) but I have never been given such a compliment. Tell your kids I never made over a "C" on any school paper I handed in and it thrills me to death that they enjoy our stories. I often wonder (especially when we don't have internet connections) who is reading and why I keep writing, but I know our families want to know what we're doing so I keep going. But it really inspires me to know that so many kids have an interest in our family and what we're doing. Thanks for the note. We welcome your comments/emails anytime!

the crew of Savannah

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