Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last few days in Moorea and Tahiti

Andy found an anenome close to our boat and took some
nice pictures
Monday there was a kid's party on the beach and it was basically time for the kids to play whatever they wanted without all the adults wondering around interrupting their games. Jake had a great time making sand castles, swinging on the rope swings the older kids made and rewarding them with homemade [sand] pies. The coolest thing about the day was just watching the kids play. Most of the kids this year are older and it was nice to see them finding things to do rather than sitting around being bored or playing video games. They had a nice game of soccer, tug of war, rope swings, weaving palm fronds, etc. And these kids ranged from 5 to 18. It was really neat to watch.

Yesterday we had to head back to Tahiti to begin our check out process. But not before we took the time to feed the stingrays. One of the benefits of being near a resort is you get to take advantage of some of the activities they have planned. We had heard about this spot a few miles away where you could swim with big stingrays and blacktip sharks. So we loaded up the dinghy along with 3 other boats...Yolo, Soggy Paws and Pericles, and set out to find the stingrays. This is really one of the highlights of our trip here in Tahiti/Moorea. There were 20 or 30 stingrays and they swam right up to you and all around. When the tourist boat got there, the guides fed them and these little guys would climb right up onto them. It was quite amazing. Andy got some really good pictures as well (the benefits of traveling with your very one professional underwater photographer).

Andy feeding the stingrays our sardines. 
I actually took this picture :)
You can't tell but I'm pulling Jake back...can't help but
think Steve Irwin at a time like this.

Today is a local holiday so we weren't able to meet with our agent like we planned but we'll start the check out process tomorrow. Our 90 day visa is up on the 8th so if we want to see anything other than this island we need to get a move on. We get out paperwork back from Cindy on Friday and go to the duty free liquor place to start that paperwork. They deliver 24 hours later but not on the weekend, so it will be Monday before that happens. Tuesday we'll head out for Bora Bora and we plan on staying until they kick us out. We'll see how that goes.


Diane & Tony Chula Vista said...

You guys look like you are having the time of your life. Love it keep posting

Brad said...

The close up photos are brilliant. Nice work. Best look at paradise yet!

Nancy, Ethan & Zada said...

HEY....finally "WIFI IS ME" and I can check in on you guys...looks good, but wow, 100 boats is so much bigger than I. I'd be hiding. Anyhow, good for you for posting some great updates, amazing photos and finally (way down the blog page) a sweet one of Jake, who we miss so much. Currently we are in Santa Rosalia with Just A Minute and we both have our little a/c units going full force. It's hot. The water has been green, but we had some days coming up the Baja side and out at Isla San Marcos where we hooked up 3 dorado's in one morning...and great clams too, so the eating is good. Will be here a while longer, dinghy motor issues now, I tell you, it's always something! Just got a huge box o' books for 1st grade, so the schooling continues. We sure think of you a great deal and love hearing your voice as I read the blog. All is well here and with 2 days of decent wind, we've not pulled our hair out too much here in S.Rosalia, in fact such good wind the squid fleet has stayed in! Okay, our love to you and it's so good seeing your posts and love the chicken from GA....that's hot! Oh and Ethan and Zada sing "where the boat leaves from" all the's their favorite song and so we think of you many times a day as it's sang forth on Eyoni....xoxox -N

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