Friday, June 17, 2011

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

As we pulled into the pass in Papeete, we had a cool Tahitian greeting...see picture to the left.  Apparently, the tide was going out and this guy needed a ride!

So far, we've been to the grocery store (twice), checked in with our agent, and gone out to eat dinner.  This afternoon, we're cleaning our stinky, dirty boat and posting pictures for all you patient people out there!  I'll do it like I did last time and break it up a bit.

One of the many sandy beaches in S. Fakarava

Andy's attempt at spear fishing in shark infested waters. 
This was all that was left when he got it in the boat. 

Baiting the coconut didn't really work.
The rats liked it though.

He won't win any fasion awards, that's for sure.

The elusive coconut crab (you can buy them in the store here in Tahiti!)

Jake's new friend.

Remember the human bone story?  There they are.

A closer look...
Hailing the fire gods.
More to come...

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Wow! Thanks for sharing, love you guys.

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