Saturday, March 1, 2014

Puerto Galera

We've finally made it to Puerto Galera.  This place is very different from the places we've been seeing, but in a good way.  It's a fair bit touristy and has a ton of ex-pats and yachties, but the bay is gorgeous and the town has everything we need.  I'm having a hard time putting a cohesive story together about our last few weeks so I'm just going to share it in pictures.  Enjoy.

Valentine's Day in Maasin.
On our way to the market in Maasin.
Malapascua - This is where Andy dove with the thresher sharks.  Lots of good food and beautiful beaches.

The view from Angelina's Italian restaurant.

Romblon - A fair amount of history here.  We visited an old 16th century church and fort (Fort San Andres).  Unfortunately the fort was being refurbished so it was closed, but the walk was nice as was the view.  Romblon is also known for it's marble...lots and lots of marble.  Very cheap, too.  We visited the marble "factories" and got several pictures.  They carve absolutely anything you want here.

On our way up to the fort.

Mosaic made out of marble on the way up to the fort.

Jake got a kick out of this guy.

The view from the top of the fort.

Jake reading some of the history.

See?  They'll carve ANYTHING.

Downtown Romblon...the most common way to get around.
Our rooftop dining experience (the food was terrible,
but the view was wonderful)

Jake got quite experimental with his eating.
This man is cooking up his chicken liver skewer (he'd
already tried the chicken foot the day before).

All the trikes waiting to take people places...another common
form of transportation.

Our one and only gorgeous sailing day since we've been here.
We've been motoring most of the time with winds on our nose, but not today!  Approaching
Puerto Galera at 8 knots...
My handsome husband.

We're very tight here on our mooring...lots and lots of boats.
We're moving to the anchorage soon!

I wasn't sure if this guy was going to hit us or what.  We were at anchor
in a small village....turns out he just wanted a closer look (as did
the 47 other people on the boat).

Andy found a wonderpus!

...and a baby lionfish.

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